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[Rules] Inflicting more than two injuries in an attack

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  • [Rules] Inflicting more than two injuries in an attack

    If an attack is successful and the armor is bypassed spending successes, you deal an injury condition. If you can spend 4 extra successes you can deal a second injury condition using the Critical Stunt. But I think you can only use every stunt a single time in an attack, am I right?

    Is there any way to deal more than two injury conditions in a single attack? Or you need to attack twice (at least) in order to deal the 4 injuries required to kill another PC?

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    You have the RAW of it. I would be very cautious about killing a PC in one hit. NPCs are as fragile as the plot needs, however.


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      Characters with Scale applicable to attacking can purchase the Inflict Damage stunt an additional time for each Scale rank they have over the opponent. That's mostly the way to do it, but bear in mind that the system is designed with cinematic action in mind, so it's definitely intentional that player characters can't be easily dispatched in one blow.


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        Yeah, IDEALLY you're probably not gonna have PCs attacking one-another. There's a bit of an assumption that your PCs will nominally work together, while antagonists use slightly different mechanics.

        Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.


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          There is also the optional rule about splitting excess successes across mooks that are close by.