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Confusion about the "Position" Grappling Stunt

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  • Confusion about the "Position" Grappling Stunt

    This is the text for the "Position" Stunt, from Origin P.117.

    Position (per success; Difficulty equal to Opponent’s
    You generate an Enhancement bonus that applies
    on your next grappling attack against the target
    equal to the number of successes spent on this Stunt.

    The "Difficulty equal to Opponent's Dodge" bit has me a tad confused.
    First, a quick Search of the PDF reveals that while there are 4 instances of the word "Dodge" in the book, none of them describe what Dodge is supposed to be. So presumably "Dodge" is a term that was used in a prior iteration of the game than the final one. Does anyone know what the final version should be? Would that also be another ooopsie that didn't make it into the Errata? (That list just seems to be growing and growing.)

    Second, what exactly is this Difficulty supposed to apply to? Is this Stunt an exception to the other Grappling Stunts, requiring the player to declare their intention to use it before rolling the attack, like some of the Defensive Stunts?

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    This one takes a bit of insider knowledge: Dodge used to be the stunt that increased your Defense. So in this case I'd say that with this Stunt?

    1. It's the base difficulty based of the opponent's Defense. I'd also take this as a way to say that you can't inflict damage during this attack, since you're taking your Grapple attempt to Position.
    2. Then each success above their defense will apply to be Enhancement to your next Grapple Attack.

    So if you've established a Grapple against a foe with, oh, 3 defense, and you decide to Position for a better smash. You make your Close Combat + Might check, and you get oh, five successes due to some hot dice and some Enhancement you have from I dunno, relic gloves. The base difficulty is 3, and you have 2 additional successes after meeting the difficulty. Then, on your next turn, you decide to slam your opponent. You would gain 2E on the attack, due to the Positioning before.

    As an aside, did you have to make separate threads for each individual question? You couldn't have made one general "Mechanics Questions Help Please" thread?

    Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.