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Stun, Battered, and Minor and Major Injury Conditions

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    To add to what milo v3 was saying:

    An important thing to remember is that while the Storypath system gives a lot of freedoms to the players compared to previous ST family games, it's important to remember what's left in the SG's hands, and their responsibilities to the group while gaming. The SG sets the Difficulty and any Complications for an action, and should definitely pump these up if a PC is doing something extremely out of line with the normal use of a Skill + Attribute pairing. Just because a player can justify attempting something with an unusual pairing for the action doens't mean they get to roll it at the same level as normal uses. Performing surgery with a shotgun should have a considerable increase in Difficulty, and Complications.

    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    So, to simplify things - Injury levels for PCs and enemies are -1, -2 and -4, yes? And then for each Injury character take, you make narrative appropriate Condition?
    Antagonists don't have Injury levels or Conditions besides Taken Out. The SG is supposed to assign them Complications inspired by the Injury Conditions as narratively appropriate to the fight. That's why they just have a Health rating instead of having it broken down into levels like PCs do.

    For PCs your statements are accurate.


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      Originally posted by Florin View Post

      I haven't gotten to run or play, yet (so grain of salt and all that), but I could see and instance where you need to generate momentum for the group, and the bigger penalty increases the chance the condition will cause a failure. I assume that's going to be pretty edge-case, though.
      Technically, the condition itself cause Momentum if it’s in play, and failing would cause another momentum.


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        So since I suddenly realized my ban was up because people other then actual competent mental health professionals wanted to evaluate my mental standing I decided to check in and tell people that my players finally relented to give up this obviously flawed game that cannot be reasonably salvaged as written. Though I will thank whoever it was that pointed out relics can have more then 3 tags. I’d missed it in the plethora of bad writing, contradictory systems, and poor book layout errors.


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          Permaban issued. You were warned.

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