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    I am currently reading through hundreds of German folklore tales for my projects. And it struck me how often the protagonists have the opportunity to find absurd amounts of riches - coals (or even dog droppings) turning into gold are just the start. Iron chests that must be excavated under utmost silence, subterraneous dungeons with treasure hoards guarded by demonic dogs, that kind of thing.

    And now I am wondering how tax offices and other mundane authorities in the World handle this kind of thing. Will they just accept it when someone says: "Frau Gode gave me this gold when I fixed her wagon!", or will they investigate for possible theft? Will they just tax it as a sudden windfall, or will they confiscate it as "historic artifacts"? Will the owner of the land where they found a mythological treasure demnd that the finders hand it over?

    How would you handle ll this?

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    I imagine it follows the same line of processing that archaeologists and treasure hunters in real life handle the situation with.

    Baring in mind the fact that some of these artifacts might have very real curses associated with them in order to deter theft. In first edition, Relics could have a power that kills somebody the thief cares about every week, until it was returned to its rightful owner. I think the governments of the world would be a lot more hesitant about collecting them, until they have a better understanding of what they're dealing with. You don't want to send a team of excavators into a lost crypt, only to find out you've pissed off the 5,000 year old mummy sleeping inside it.

    From what I understand by reading through Origin, the World is aware that Gods and other supernatural entities are out there, but they've wisely chosen keep to their own affairs. The Gods stay out of mortal business, and the mortals stay out of God business.
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