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Hex Crawling with the Storypath System

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  • Hex Crawling with the Storypath System

    Hey everyone, I am working on refining and implementing a setting that I generated for Scion first edition, a post-apocalyptic Tijuana and surrounding environments. The basic premise is that earth has been "broken" by climatic conditions supporting the Titans against the gods. This victory by the Titans either put earth beyond the touch of the gods themselves, or killed the gods (I think this is the better option) but left their scions, relics, followers, etc. behind in the religious and social practices of people. The apocalypse itself is in the recent past, about 15-20 years ago.

    I think one of the better ways to do this would be running a game where moving into hexes (with different arena challenges assigned to an area hex or a smaller internal hex) as a spatial unit is helpful. Other than thinking of how hexes can represent scales and fields - i.e. players placing complications and conditions on regions or villages, I was wondering if there are any other considerations I should think about?

    I think boons and knacks as-written should be relatively easy to apply to this process since this is more to organize information and increase player engagement but I think I might spend some time thinking about higher-level boons and knacks which affect the spatial units in the game.

    I probably won't use random generated encounter tables, but following with the way in which locations are developed in Cavaliers of Mars I might have lists or tables of features, complications, and npcs/followers that show up in different spaces. I guess if I'm honest this is kind of trying to combine the exploratory feel of New Vegas with Scion, but using a different location.
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    A cool idea, and I strongly recommend getting some of the sandbox tools from Sine Nomine Publishing for this - especially Silent Legions. It's primarily for Cthulhu Mythos-que campaigns, but it should be easy to adapt.

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