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Feeling a bit skeptical about Dragon now to be honest

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    Originally posted by Mateus Luz View Post

    The mere fact you say all myths are true you are disrespecting the fact that all myths claim to be the only one true. The mere fact we are talking about inter-pantheon politics or fictional cults is a disrespect to the real religions and to the original research done by OPP, yet, it’s implicit to the setting.

    In the end, Dragon will not break your game any more than adding Aesirs to your game. The fact that the dragons fought a war against the gods is as real as the fact that they didn’t, because ALL myths are real, and the big war from dragons myths is as real as the absence of it from the other myths.
    Well said, and I believe that was the point I was ultimately trying to get to. Just didn't know how to accurately word it, unfortunately.