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  • Unspecified Number of Origin Stories

    Okay, this topic is sort of a hybridization between 101 Story Hooks and 101 Character Concepts. Simply put, it's an idea thread for Origin Stories that we can use for characters in Scion 2E.


    1) An American Kitsune in Japan:

    Ever since middle school, Azaria Fields has been one of the biggest 'weebs' on campus. Falling in love with the idea of Japan, based almost entirely around pop culture references from anime, manga and video games. So, when her school announced they would be doing a foreign exchange student program, with Japan no less, she signed up without a moment's hesitation. All she could think about on the flight over was how much she wanted to explore as much of what Japan had to offer as possible. And this exuberant naivete seemed to attract the wrong kind of attention from higher powers.

    Seeing how easily amused Azaria was by the world around her, and how quickly she would flit between one activity to the next, they decided that she would be much better suited to the life of a fox spirit, than a high school student! Now, Azaria's obsession with Japanese culture is more prevalent than ever. Kitsune don't exactly have a sterling reputation in this country, and Azaria must learn to blend in, if she wishes to avoid unnecessary conflicts!


    2) John Wick's Dog:

    Max was just an ordinary family dog. A happy little puppy, who's only concern in life was being a faithful and loving companion to the family who took him in. He had everything a dog could ask for. A boy to play with, squeaky toys to chew on, the finest kibble a working class budget could afford, and weekly trips to the dog park for some exercise and socialization!

    Yes, life was good for young Max; but that all changed when a fight between Scions and Titanspawn accidentally got too close to their home. The family of humans did not survive the ensuing chaos, but Max did... Max saw everything... burned it into his memory, even... Max is not a happy puppy anymore... Max is now a Cu Sith, and somebody is going to pay for the deaths of his family!


    3) The Patron Saint of Backhands:

    Zain Puckett has never been anything that society would describe as 'saintly' from their modernized sensibilities. As an angry alcoholic, he was given to violent and destructive outbursts after hitting the bottle one too many times. On those precious occasions where he would actually sober up, he had any number of contrived excuses and stories which were meant to portray himself in a more positive light, while giving the people around him hope that he wasn't as much of a bad guy as he seemed.

    And then it happened... one day, while stumbling through the back alleyways after a binge, he was accosted by servants of the Titans, who planned to use the drunken lout for some personal entertainment. Zain, without skipping a beat, flew into a rage and proceeded to smack the living hell out of anybody who came within arm's reach of his vicinity! Within moments, his aggressors were rolling on the ground with swollen faces, dislocated jaws and missing teeth. The whole experience broke him out of his drunken stupor, but it also served as the catalyst to making him a Legend. As it turned out, Zain Puckett was no ordinary alcoholic, but a Saint embodying the narcissistic Virtues of the Theoi!

    Now, Zain wanders through life putting the smack down on those who would offend his personage, while simultaneously trying to convince others that he's great company to have around. It is a difficult balancing act, to be sure, but being a Saint has granted him the miraculous ability to pull it off, somehow!
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