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Invasion of the Dead (A storyhook idea)

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  • Invasion of the Dead (A storyhook idea)

    I am planning on doing a Scion campaign in either the origin or hero level soon set in a custom-made Ivy League University in Vermont called Maplethorpe. One of the plot hooks I have so far is centered on one of the universities many secret societies, a parody of the Skull-And-Bones, except with a morbid obsession with death. This group manages to recruit a budding sorcerer and convinces him to try to raise the spirit of their founder, Walter Brushman, from the Underworld. Somehow, the ritual goes wrong and instead of raising the spirit of one man, they end up plucking the shades of various faculty and alumni from the University's past, who are turned into wraiths, a custom monster idea I had who are basically ghosts ejected from the Underworld through black magic and are blinded by supernatural rage that somehow makes them more powerful and dangerous than a normal ghost. Among these "wraiths" are the University's founder Rev. Jonathan Maplethorpe, Prof. James.D Howards, the University's dean during the 1950s to 90s, and Howard P. Malcomson, the University's first archivist in the University's library and archives, which is dedicated to Thoth.

    The PC's duty is to somehow send these spirits back to the Underworld and "punish" the ones that brought them back in the first place. May I please have an idea on how to make a scenario like this work in Scion and how to make the Wraith monster work both conceptually and mechanically?

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    A reminder that a Hero with the Death Purview can basically mass-eradicate trivial undead with one Boon, for free. If that suits the feel of your game and allows your PCs to feel badass by booting a handful of Random Shades into the afterlife with just a dramatic gesture and a "HADES SAYS GET BACK NOW" then by all means. Let them feel like that the PCs are Who You Gonna Call.

    For an enemy, you'll want to pick an Archetype, probably a Rival for the lesser undead you want the Scions to have minor bits of trouble with, or a Nemesis for something more powerful.

    You should probably look at the Life Drain Quality (Hero, 287), Unseen and Flight (Hero 288), maybe Baleful Touch (Hero 289) for Standard Ghostly Powers. Definitely include Incorporeality (Origin, 148). For individual stronger Wraiths, consider giving them Curse Attacks (Hero, 289).

    Also, if your players aren't rolling as asskicking Heroes, maybe consider putting in alternative conditions to put these Wraiths to rest. "Find a letter from Howards's daughter telling him that he's a grandfather; this will soothe his spirit and return him to rest", that kind of thing.

    Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.