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  • A Guide to Guides

    I think I need a little guidance when it comes to dealing with Guides. Specifically... can one build a Guide that is a little more powerful than their standard rating.

    For example... If I wanted to create a Scion of the Theoi with a Satyr Guide, could I make it a little more powerful than the 2 Dot rating it normally has? Say allow it to grant access to the Chaos Purview at 3 dots... or even the Panic Knack at 4 dots (I would guess that access to Immortal Knacks would be 2 dots while Heroic Knacks would be 1 dot).

    Of course this assumes that a given Guide (such as a Satyr) doesn't already provide such things with its normal rating. Since the rules for Guides state that Callings, Purviews and Titles can only have gain each of these qualities once, any that already have them as part of their normal rating couldn't gain them again by increasing their rating.

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    Guides, different from Relics, allow you to pick knacks from the calling, they don’t give you knacks, so you can gain access to Chaos Purview to do marvels and can gain access to the Warrior calling (maybe for causing panic, I don’t know very well the callings).

    Technically, the examples there are all examples and not fixed statements. You may be guided with Phill, so he is a better guide than the everyday satyr from Camp Half Blood. The same way you can be the first hero your satire have ever guided so he is a 1dot not a 2 dots guide.


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      Actually, A Guide can give access to a unique Knack in their Calling (or more accurately, that fits their nature; in this case using the Satyr Path). The last paragraph before the examples does mention that some unique Knacks may cost dots for the Guide to provide... not unlike the unique knack that some of the higher level Guides (like the Dis and Egun) can provide.

      As for the Purviews that a Guide can give access to... there isn't a real guide to it, but since Satyrs are connected to both Dionysus and Pan (and thus to a lesser extent Hermes), Chaos seems a likely Purview that a more experienced Satyr could provide.

      I did understand that the provided examples are just that... examples... but it wasn't clear on how adding more dots affects them (at leas when using the examples as a base template).
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      There are three types of people in the world... those who can count and those who can't.
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        The 'What Purview can a Guide give you access to?' question is "Does this make sense?" Like, maybe THIS particular Satyr gives you access to Chaos. But maybe THAT one can teach you Wild, and THAT one parties so hard that you've learned how to use Epic Stamina.

        As for how the dots correspond... It's one part the power of the Guide, but also a measure of how much effort they're putting into guiding you.

        You could have a God as a Guide, but if they're only at one dot they're only giving you the absolute minimum amount of instruction. If the Guide has five dots, that means they're giving you the full measure of their attention. Teaching you divine secrets in the form of a Purview Access, maybe access to a Calling, use of a Legendary Title...

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          Another question, when guide give you a calling, how it work. Because yes, you can learn a knacks, that is simple, but is there any limit to how many of them you can have active?
          Basically I see a multiple option
          1) Knacks for given calling are considered as universal, but count to total limit. Which seems little bit underpowered in comparison with purview. You must spend experience and than, you cannot even use more knacks, just different ones. When he give you purview, even without learning anything you can use innate power and marvels.
          2) Knacks from this calling doesn't count into limit. This is really overpowered, as you can learn many of them...
          3) This is not mentioned anywhere, but would seems best to me. Basically a guide would work like a dot of it's calling, so you can use one more knack (which seems similar to innate power benefit, except you need to learn it for experience... or use that bonus knack choise from character creation).


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            My reading is for number 1, but I think your idea for number 3 is the best option.