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Enhancement cap?

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  • Enhancement cap?

    Does Scion have an enhancement limit? I found 1 reference to a limit but it says “as mentioned previously” (p105) and I can’t find the previous mention.

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    3 is the soft cap.
    Essentially what you could get without "magic"

    5 is the hard cap. Usually explain by adding some magical sdvantages.

    And then you can always add on top the scale enhancement bonuses.

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      Please direct me to where I can read that.


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        The line that you cited as reiterating the cap also reiterates the cap. It gives you the hard limit.

        Also, the free Errata/FAQ document on DriveThru goes into more detail.

        Originally posted by FAQ
        While this is not mentioned under the Storypath rules section, page 105 of Scion: Origin clarifies that Enhancement cannot stack above 5, from either a single source or multiple sources. However, Storyguides are heavily encouraged to be judicious in allowing Enhancements greater than 3 at any one time from multiple sources. One can only have so many blessings, headwinds, and good fortune at any one time before it becomes superfluous. Scale explicitly allows for Enhancement above 5, as an exception. If Zeus punches you, you’re going to feel it

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          OK Thanks. That must have been the other place I saw it. Explains why I couldn't find it in the book.