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    I found today interesting Storypath Nexus product - that is also interesting as the general RPG game concept. I mean here...

    Scion Solo Adventures
    'There are many ways to play role playing games. For most of us the immediate picture in your mind’s eye is that of a group of friends around a dining room table with everyone sat in front of their character sheet and dice, books scattered around.

    It is probably more likely that most role players are actually sat in front of their PC playing their favourite game via chat on Discord or maybe a virtual desktop or even writing posts to send to a forum in a PBP game. Time is so precious today that the combination of trying to schedule enough time regularly enough to host or join a regular game is beyond the means of far too many players.
    When you can play, often the only game available is some form of D&D, just because that is what people know. It is the lowest common denominator of RPGs. If you want to play something more off beat, like Scion then you are probably going to be forced online.

    Or, there is another option. Too many games get bought only to languish on Storyguides bookshelves. This booklet will address that. Solo play can offer a unique experience. In all other forms of role play there is a loss of fidelity between what the Storyguide, or GM, describes and what the player imagines. This happens with every scene, every NPC and even how every piece of dialogue is delivered. In solo play there is no loss of information. The understanding is perfect.
    This book will show you how to solo play and get the most out of these solo sessions as it is about providing the rules. It is one thing to have the tools but if you don’t know how to use them…'

    So, basically, is to play totally alone. You only, your books and dices - and your own imagination. You play game without other players. Without Game Master, StoryGuide, etc. Only you and the story of you character.

    What do you think about this ideas? Have you got reflection on the premise?
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    Personally I never got these solo play games. For me rpg’s have always been about social gatherings and joined storytelling, so much so infact that even online gaming feels akward as a thought.

    If I want a solo storytelling session with myself I either read a book or write a short story.

    I’m not saying solo gaming is badwrongfun, what I am saying is that I just dont get it. Something in the thought just doesn’t click with me.

    It is just one of those matters where YMMV considerably, for some it might be awesome and for some it just wont click.


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      Huh that's educational. Though I suppose because my thought on a solo game was always, ST+player as opposed to just the ST.


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        Will probably snag later to see what it has to say, but I've done this a few times though. It really is a different experience than playing with others though, as the difference of perspective and decision making always injects an element of surprise.

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