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  • Titan Questions.

    Is Ymir a greater titan or a titan avatar of the Drowned Road. It would be really helpful if you can tell me from where the correct answer is from which book and page number.

    Is Prithvi a titan avatar of Terra? I have seen some places mentioning her and others don’t. If she is please tell me from which book and page number. Thank You.

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    Ymir: Believed to be a dead Primordial. Hero, page 54.

    Can't find mention of Prithvi in either book.


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      In Hero Page 24 (? no number in the page) it says that Ymir was killed by Odin and caused the end of the Ice Age. So it was not an Avatar of another Titan. Also in God it says that in Aten there used to be more fields of snow before the demise of Ymir.

      As I understand Ymir is a Titan per se, maybe the main avatar of the Titan of Ice, but still independent of the other titans.

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        I'm assuming from the mention of The Drowned Road that you're talking about 1e Scion, since it doesn't exist in 2e anymore.

        1. Ymir in 1e is mentioned as a Titan but nowhere do we have an answer as to which Greater Titan it actually belongs to.

        2. I don't think Prithvi is ever mentioned in 1e, but going by that game's internal cosmology, she likely would be in Terra should you choose to use her.

        In 2e Ymir is mentioned as a Primordial, and Prithvi likely is one too.


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          I think 1e mentions Ymir as being a greater titan of Ice whose death ended the Ice Age and caused the Great Flood, and is the handwave for why the Gods don't just kill the Titans

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