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Aztec Soccer/Football game in Scion

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  • Aztec Soccer/Football game in Scion

    So, in Scion Origin we have the following: "They orchestrate archaeological digs, dedicate regular open-air tianguis markets to their Gods in the Zócalo, play their ancient ritual ballgame of ollamaliztli in newly built courts, [...]" when the book speaks about Mexico City.

    Today I remembered this sentence in particular and made a little research about the "ancient Aztec soccer-like game". I was thinking not about write rules for it (but it would be interesting), but to write some fan-material like a sports' newspaper about its teams, players and recent developments about it (like some other countries trying to learn from the Mexican athletes for an international competition in the future). I was wondering about the rules in a more official scenarium. Like: There is a referee in official games? How are the uniforms of the players (and protection gear)? How long each period (if any) takes? How many players a team has? (counting reserves, since the game is so violent, maybe that's not a bad idea). I really need help from more sporty people for those things.

    I think that is very reasonable also to say that these are "official rules" for the sport. When people are friendly playing at the square/street, probably there would be no referee...

    The present version of Ullama seems to have different rules from its original and ancestral version (beyond the fact that the losing team is sacrificed). The ancient version seems to have a decisive goal to hit the ball in a hole behind the enemy team, or hit the marks around the area to make single points. And you can use almost the entire body to hit the ball (except hands and calf). In the most recent and present version of Ullama/ollamaliztli, a player can only hit the ball with his/her hips. And the goal is to make the ball pass the back of the enemy team, scoring a single point.

    Anyway, these are ideas that maybe could be more developed in case of necessity, but I doubt they are urgent by any means. But I think interesting the existence of a "Ullama World League", with Mexico being the most dominant team in the World.
    Last edited by Hayashi; 09-23-2019, 05:13 PM. Reason: Edited after realized "Ullama" and "Ollamaliztli" are probably the same thing, in two different languages.