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Fake/Overstated/Misunderstood Deities and Recent Apotheosis

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    Originally posted by Wannabe Demon Lord View Post
    It amazes me just how devastatingly powerful the Devas truly are. That's quite badass.
    This comes, incidentally, right after Durga shushes a guy to death... as in some Titan threatens to drag her kicking and screaming to his King to force her to marry him, and she goes 'harumph' at him and he disintegrates

    6.7 “Commanded thus by Śumbha, the daitya Dhūmralocana quickly set off, accompanied by sixty thousand asuras.

    6.8 And when he saw the Devī stationed on the snowy mountain, he thundered, ‘Come to the presence of Śumbha and Niśumbha.

    6.9 And if her highness will not come in gladness to my master now, then I will take her by force, dragging her by the hair, kicking and screaming.’

    6.10 The Devī said:

    6.11 ‘You who are sent by the lord of the daityas are mighty yourself and accompanied by your army. If you take me by force, what can I do to you?’”

    6.12 The seer said:

    6.13 “Thus addressed, the asura Dhūmralocana rushed at her. Thereupon, with a contemptuous outcry, Ambikā reduced him to ashes.


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      Good for her.


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        I love Durga, and wish there were epic globally released movies about her. That or totally awesome anime series.

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