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A divided Band in a PBP Game How to handle Momentum?

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  • A divided Band in a PBP Game How to handle Momentum?

    Am curious?

    How to handle Momentum in a PBP game that often has Wacky scheduling...

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    As i see it you have 3 options.
    1. As it is in the books. Every game sessions dtarts with 0 momentum. No book keeping required to remember.
    2. Every game session starts with 1 or more momentum. From experience momentum generates super easily. But sometimes a player wants to use a knack at the beginning of the session and starting at 1 allows for that.
    3. Momentum keeps from one session to the next. This requires the most book keeping and doesnt encourage the players to use the momentum so it wouldnt be my preferred option. But some players may be nervous at the idea of "losing" the resource. So this option would adress that.

    Personnaly ive used option 2 but i didnt run by pbp so i dont know if that would add some other complications.

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