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Deciding creature statistics

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  • Deciding creature statistics

    When building a creature birthright, how does one decide their statistics beyond primary dice pool? Said dice pool is obviously linked to dots, but what about Defense and Health?

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    For Health there's a sidebar saying Creatures have [Rank] Health Levels.

    As for Defense, Followers say they have [Rank]/2 for Defense, so I'd use that for your Creature

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      The errata says Health is (Creature Birthright Rating) x 2 which feels like a billion health to me.


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        Hi, i have run a game for close to year with one player who insisted on spending all their exp on the creature birthrights so we ended up trying a few things.

        As we started before the official release of the game we first started with health and defense = rating.
        On low rating creatures this worked fine but as soon as they got a 5 dot creature with 5 health and 5 defense, the creature became almost untouchable.
        Combined with the high number of dice my players were joking that they felt that the creature was the main protagonist and they were the follower birthrights to it haha.

        Then i went with Health = rating and defense= to half rating. I also allowed those to be switched if it made sense for a creature with high def but lower health like a Lynx.
        This i felt was the option that, in the end, worked best.

        When the errata was released we tried the rating * 2 on the health and again for low rating creature it really wasnt that much a problem, but when you went for the higher rating it was getting crazy.
        Never do rating *2 for defense. Might as well just say the creature is untargetable.

        I have also experimented with the player can assign each dot of rating to either def or health (with both starting at 1 each).
        This worked somewhat but went a bit too far in the other direction and the creature (especially at a higher rating) felt too weak.

        Keep in mind tho that you kind of want the 5 dot creature to be terrifying. We are talking about an equivalent to a 5 dot relic, which are super strong.

        Next game, i'd be interested to try using the follower birthrights instead of the creature. (just to see how that goes).

        I hope this help.

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          Originally posted by ZipDrive View Post
          The errata says Health is (Creature Birthright Rating) x 2 which feels like a billion health to me.
          It kind of is, unfortunately. I'd prefer to un-errata that and just go by what the book says.

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