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Replicating Jedi/Sith 1st ed

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  • Replicating Jedi/Sith 1st ed

    How would one go about gaining access to things like force lightning, force choke, telekinesis, etc, in 1st edition? All the “These are not the droids you’re looking for” stuff seem to be charisma/manipulation knacks, and we are guessing lightning might be under sky purview.

    Any suggestions or information?

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    From what little I remember of the Sky Purview in 1e, it can accomplish all those effects at Demigod, albeit it will be doing that with wind rather than mind.

    The 1e Celestial Bureaucracy PSP can also do telekinesis at Demigod, and could probably do anything else on that list because it got a little... Incoherent as it went up in levels.
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