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  • A "Witcher" Scion

    Not just because the Netflix's series, I really wanted to make a post like this at some time. Basically, the idea is simple: create a Geralt-like character in Scion 2nd edition (what means: "Be a hunter of monsters", "have some magical powers usefull in combat (Signs)" and "one weapon for supernatural creatures, other for men"). Some bolts seem not fit entirelly, what is natural, and after some talk with people in the Facebook Scion's page, I got some ideas, and thought about bring them here. Some of them may be usefull for other purposes.

    "A Hunter of Monsters"
    If fits Scions from virtually any Pantheon. The Hunter Calling seems obvious, but not mandatory. But the concept of a "free agent hunter of bad things" may fit a PC or a temporary companion, or even a antagonist.

    "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher"
    In the Witcher lore, Witchers are mercenaries payed in coin for dealing with supernatural threats. In a World of Scion version, I think they can be also mercenaries, working not exactly for money, but anyway, never for free. Favors, powers or components can sound interesting.

    One Sword of Silver
    The most obvious approach is to create a Relic weapon that deals more damage against supernatural beings (again, a common ground for virtually every Pantheon). That's where the things start to get messy. Depending of the culture that can vary to a sword of wood (Shén), jade (not exactly Kami, but a lot of L5R vibe on this), or the already mentioned silver anyway. In a more modern setting, I thought clips of ammo enchanted or made in these materials can be more adequate.

    It also means that modern Witchers can use any kind of modern weapon they prefer. The pragmatic swords or more discret daggers, or modern stuff like pistols, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, etc.

    Oils and Potions
    Witchers can make potions and oils using herbal components, parts of creatures and some diluent (personal note: I have no idea why they are normally alchoolic in the game), and carry them in little vials for later use. The main difference between potions and oils are that oils are normally used in melee weapons (use in ranged weapons is a thing I prefer to leave to SG's to decide individually) for more damage against each type of creature. Potions can have multiple effects (cure, sleep, enhanced senses or breathing capacity underwater), but most of the time they make the user more resistant against threats from that type of creature. I think it's reasonable to treat an "Oil against humans" as poison/venom.

    In the Witcher lore, normal humans can even die for using a Witcher potion. One of the reasons for their mutations is the enhanced resistance to its effects. Scions of Origin level can use them? Maybe after a Stamina roll against Toxicity?

    Using the Crafting Rules (Origin, p. 77), we can have these:

    - Potions and Oils are Tier 2 (Hero) items, they can give +1 E in dealing damage or defending against the refered creature type.
    - The Toxicity can be considered a Flaw?
    - They are both single use items. Their benefits dure for an entire combat scene.
    - The creation roll for them sounds to me like Occult + Int., but I don't see much protests for Technology or Medicine as well.

    Three Out of Ten Children Even Survive
    The creation of a Witcher is a brutal and violent process. They are normally abandoned/orphan children taken by other Witchers that train and submit them to the mutations internal and external that ables them to become the feared monster hunters.

    In Scion, that would make their powers sound like something like "demi-Titan sourced". Witchers can be viewed with mistrust from Scions, since they can be potential traitors, or even not entirelly sure for who they are actually working for.

    I have literally no idea how to recreate the Signs, except like Stunts in attack rolls. Sounded really nice to think about them when I was writing, but the problem occured later to me. You can use them as "pre-fight buffs" too, and the Stunts approach seems not allow that. Need more polish on that later, but just for listing, the four Signs are:
    • Aard: A telekinetc energy explosion that pushes and knocks your opponents.
    • Yrden: A magical trap engraved on the ground. Opponents that come in Close Range are slowed.
    • Igni: A burst of flames that comes out from your hand to hurt your enemies. Much like the Heaven's Fire Boon, but with less power, I suppose.
    • Quen: A protective magical barrier that forms around the caster. Also known as the "Witcher's shield".
    • Axii: Normally used out of combat to make your verbal suggestions more appealing to the target. Can even make enemies fight by your side for the duration of the charm.
    In time, there's also Heliotrop, that is a active shield (differing from Quen) that protects agains physical and magical attacks.

    For now, I think that is it. But, as anyone can see, there is a lot more to polish. But I think that "potion/oil making" can help more people.

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    A kind of Pulpy Monster Hunter would probably be a Denizen of sorts, with some Witcher Tricks modeled as Knacks.

    Maybe as a Wolf Warrior spin-off? Give it the ability to buy some Hunter Knacks

    Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.


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      I'd imagine they'd have the Creator, Hunter, and Warrior callings.
      They could really be a scion of most Pantheons, conceptually.
      For an innate purview I'd probably lean towards an Epic of your choice or Moon. Probably Moon because that could also work as the Axii rune in attitude change. I'd want to add the Prosperity purview to encapsulate their near mythic connection to money.

      As far as potions and oils:
      Toxicity would probably be some sort of flaw in order to craft them more quickly or with less materials.

      Just spitballing some ideas