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    The World, universe of Scion, is our modern world with Gods and Myths being real. In our real world we have business brands that are leading products makers in particular sectors. And some of them are using Myths symbol. What if Myths their basing their image are real powers behind those companies? Let's just look on examples...

    Quoting Mythtopia FB page:
    'We usually think of mythology as a part of ancient history. However, many of the motifs that defined our ancient legends are very much alive and present today. This is no more apparent than with the Greek Myths. Many of the symbols linked to these legendary tales can be found in the product design of the 21st century. This includes emblems that we associate with food, media, beauty and fashion.

    Take for example Starbucks, a global cafe chain whose logo depicts a Siren from Greek mythology. These seductive sea creatures were renowned for their beauty and music, which they used to lure sailors to their shores. It could be argued this logo stands for the seductive draw we feel toward drinking a good blend of coffee.

    Versace is an Italian fashion company whose logo design is based on the head of Medusa, a once beautiful woman with a head of snakes. Legend says she could turn anyone who looked at her to stone. It is also believed that whoever fell in love with her would be eternally captivated. That is perhaps the message of the fashion brand, a logo that evokes authority, fascination and timelessness.

    Nike is a global brand of sports shoes whose logo is a simple ‘swoosh’, and it is considered to be one of the most recognizable business symbols today. This image is derived from the wings of the Greek goddess Nike (who represented victory). According to Greek myth, it inspires local warriors by granting them immense power. This logo, then, suggests that those who wear their trainers will be endowed with a sense of excellence and determinism.

    The NBC channel uses a peacock with multicolored feathers as its logo. This is based on a Greek myth about Hera (Zeus’s wife) who used the hundred eyes of Argus (an all-seeing being) to embellish the feathers of a peacock’s tail. This meant that she had the power to see all, and since NBC is a broadcasting service, the logo represents its ability to know everything that goes on around the world.

    Dove is a global brand of soap products which is linked to Aphrodite, whose sacred animal was the Dove. This bird represented love, affection and beauty. By drawing upon this one of the goddesses most personal attributes, the company has aligned its product with self-care, nurturing and beauty. When you think of Dove, you may instinctively associate its soap and balms with radiance and elegance. The underlying message conveyed by Dove is that using their products, your skin will look beautiful and lustrous.

    Goodyear is another world leading company who manufacture tires. They use the unique logo of a clear font with a winged shoe at its centre. This shoe belongs to non-other than Hermes, the god of travel, roads and sports. This links their product to long distance travel, highways and even sports car racing who use their tires for high end performance. Hermes was himself a very fast god, so by drawing upon the winged shoe icon which so perfectly captures his essence, the company have associated themselves with speed and reliability.

    Maserati is an Italian company who make luxury cars. The build deluxe automobiles in a classic Italian style, and to reflect this sentiment, they adopted the icon of Neptune’s trident. This Greco-Roman god is a symbol of vigor and strength, and it just so happens he was the patron of horse racing. This is a great figure to draw upon as it represents speed, power, elegance and control, all the qualities many people look for when purchasing a luxury car.

    Pandora is a manufacturing company that makes high end jewellery. This iconic name is based on the first woman from Greek mythology, who was created by the gods. Her name means “all gifted”, a fitting name for a jewellery company. However, this divine woman is also associated with a terrible event, for it was Pandora who opened a jar, releasing all the evils of humanity into the world. Why associate your brand with such a disastrous outcome you may ask? Perhaps it tries to tap into our human desire to act on temptation, in this case, the temptation to buy alluring jewellery.

    Even in the entertainment industry, the mythical figure of Pegasus was adopted by Tristar. This production company have been linked with many fantasy epics such as Labyrinth, the Fisher King, Jacobs Ladder, Hook, and Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. It seems fitting, then, that they use Pegasus for their logo, for this winged horse is the steed who has taken may heroes on an epic adventure.

    So why do so many companies use mythical imagery to represent their products. The answer is simple, the gods are the personification of specific concepts, such as Hermes (transportation), Aphrodite (beauty), Pegasus (adventure), and Nike (victory). These deities are more than just divine beings, they are the embodiment of principles.

    By associating a product with these principles, they take on a greater meaning. for instance, a trainer can be viewed as a simple piece of footwear for sportspeople, but link it with Nike, the goddess of victory, and it becomes a talisman, coupling the wearer with physical excellence and triumph. It is no longer a trainer, it is a symbol, making it far more powerful and alluring.'

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    Those are nice inspirations.

    I can't recall where but i think i saw a cement making company called Medusa somewhere.
    It gave me a chuckle haha.

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