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Living Pillar Knack - limitations?

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  • Living Pillar Knack - limitations?

    The rule for this Knack says it grants immunity to damage from environmental hazards as long as you protect someone. Could this also include other sources of physical harm? The example coming to mind would be for a Scion medic in a battlefield recovering a wounded soldier. Would that medic Scion and their protected person be immune to bullets, poison gas, explosions from artillery and so on?

    How would you limit this Knack?

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    My rule of thumb is "If it's aimed at you, it's not an environmental hazard"

    With your example, poison gas and maybe artillery shrapnel would count as environmental, as they're blasted over an indiscriminate area. If a sniper notices you and tries to take you out, that's not environmental. I personally would also rule that stray fire from smaller guns wouldn't count as an environmental hazard.

    Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.