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Followers and Creatures in Combat

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  • Followers and Creatures in Combat

    It's my understanding that creatures act on their own initiative, I'd like to confirm that that's true.

    Followers however, are a little more confusing to me. Do they move separately of you? Can they separate from you, for example going into melee while you stay back in ranged or supporting? If you are in separate range bands, how do you justify taking damage for your follower, or vice versa?

    I've just been feeling that followers are a little difficult to use - so if people can provide me with some inspiration of how they use them and examples, etc. that would be amazing! Thanks everyone

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    Creatures do indeed follow their own initiatives and they are more akin to npcs in the eay they are built and used.
    Followers while also technically npcs behave more like equipments. They are thus "wielded" by their scion. Also nothing stops your scion for attacoing with their follower you just still have to roll a leadership + appropriate attribute (id go for a physical one if you are attacking with thr followers) instead of say close combat.

    Now while these birthrights are miles better than their 1e counterpart. I think they are not as well built as the rule s for Guides and Relics.

    For the next game i run, id ve tempted to roll creatures back into the follower birthright.
    Or have that groups use the follower birthrights rules and individuals use the creature birthright rules.

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