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Fatebindings and fulfilling deeds

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  • Fatebindings and fulfilling deeds

    So I was reading this book, and saw that for many fatebindings, resolving them let's you "fulfill a deed". Example: The Paramour dies, or is otherwise taken out of play permanently. The Scion fulflls a Deed, and sufers a Failure Deed for an appropriate Calling.

    The way it's worded makes me believe that the fulfilled deed is different from the failure deed, so... What does that mean? Do the characters auto resolve a deed? Do they just get the xp for fulfilling a deed? Do they just mark it on their sheets for gaining legend? It's not worded great DX

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    They would get 1 experience for fulfilling a Deed in a session and also have a Calling put at risk or able to be changed through the Failure Deed.


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      My take on it is also that you receive the experience as though you had fulfilled a deed, as the resolution of a fatebinding should be pretty dramatic.


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        That makes sense! Appreciate the feedback!