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What's happening at Deicon (in The World of scion)

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  • What's happening at Deicon (in The World of scion)

    The Hero book mention of the Deifans (p. 32) is something that I have found very entertaining and fascinating.

    The idea of a very prolific and active community of fans of the gods writing their own stories, following intensely anything mythic related in the news is just great fodder for a scion game but also showcase well a facet of the integration of the mythical into everyday life.

    This lead me to the thought that where there are Deifans, then there must be a Deicon as well.

    So I'm wondering, what are the booths, conferences and contests one could find at “this year” Deicon ?

    To start of with my own contribution.

    Relic Hunters Booth:

    Every year, one can find the booth of the Relic Hunting Academy (i need a better name).* They are a grouping of students and teachers of various universities in the world that focus on cataloguing, studying and following relics in The World.

    At the booth one can purchase either the most recent copy of the Relic Hunting Magazine or subscribe to it. The magazine comes out every 4 months and provide lots of informations on relics currently in The World.*

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