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How should I handle duels in this game?

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  • How should I handle duels in this game?

    One of my players (a Scion of Odin) is up against a frost giant in my next game session. It is meant to be a ritualistic holmgang (a scandinavian duel). Since it is NOT an all-out battle to the death but rather "until first blood" I'm not sure the normal rules for combat in the game are adequate. I was thinking of doing it more as a series of opposed rolls with Fighting skill + appropriate Attribute where the winner is the best of three and then have the player narrate every roll in a dramatic fashion. What way do you people think would be cool to simulate a dramatic but not necessarily deadly duel?

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    That's probably a decent way to do it, TBH, if it's a more formalized duel than an actual battle. Adapting the Chase or Complex Action rules into it.

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      If the idea is more like a ritual than a proper battle, I would go for a Chase with each of them trying to get a certain number of successes. You can even use excess successes to get some stunts that would make the adversary part more difficult.

      Another option is a real fight until the first one get a Injured condition. It can be fast if both go for the blood or more strategic if they play defense and are wearing armors. Something to think about...

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        Ok, thanks! I've never even glanced at the chase rules. I will now though.