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  • Saint's and Monsters

    Does anyone know anything about this book? It showed up in the weakly notes section this week.

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    Alas I haven't heard anything beyond the name, and a couple confirmations on what it is not.
    1. It is not the Scion Fiction Anthology from the Kickstarter.
    2. It is not some general Monster Manual type thing.
    I'm putting fake money down on it being some kind of Denizen Book, considering that Saints are a kind of Denizen, and there are other Denizen Paths that some may consider to be monsters (Kinds of werewolves, centaurs...).

    So yeah, maybe it'll be a book about expanded Denizen options. Maybe it'll also have advice on "So here's how to have more fun for playing a Denizen who isn't a Scion"

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      My fake money gos with Kyman201. I would say a Players Companion for non human characters, more types of Denizens and more options for the ones already presented (and of course for saints).

      I hope they give some options for origin level sorcery...

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        My fake money is on the Saints Row and Scion crossover we have all been begging for. We will finally find out who Chicken Ned's divine daddy is.


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          Hm. My fake money would be on non-Scion supernatural PCs, both human and Denizen.

          Scion 2E: What We Know - A wiki compiling info on second edition Scion.


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            Maybe it will double as our Sorcery Supplement