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Is astrology correct in the World?

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  • Is astrology correct in the World?

    I know very little about Zodiac signs apart from it being a disproven pseudoscience, and I know even less about non-western astrology. But I do know that they are quite tied to ancient religious world-views, world-views which are true in the World. This makes me wonder how I should handle astrologers in my games, whether NPCs or PCs. Have you given it a thought?

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    My Particular Take on it:

    The Astrology in Newspapers or that you find on websites is as bogus in the World as it is here. Most astrologists in these would claim some form of training or ability to interpret the zodiac, but it isn't regulated by law or anything, so charlatans multiply.

    Now, the proper reading of stars, which include careful and daily reading of the sky and any form of celestial signs, together with the proper rituals, could bring some results, both to tell the future and to tell how are the gods feeling today and if they are angry with you. While nowadays software can find the specific positions of the astral abode much better than any ancient astrologers, and they would be used often for specific rituals, many temples would probably still have at least someone who can identify signs from the sky.

    While the positions of the planets, the zodiac, and stars at the moment of your birth might be considered omens, and probably many Scions have signs of greatness there, which can be both the base for an Origin Path (Born into Divine Signs) or can be just something the Scion discover later on live ("Wait, are you saying that I am destined to become a killing monster because a comet passed left to right over the path of Mercury when I was born?").

    There are also probably many societies dedicated to just watch the skies for omens, and I can imagine at least one academic group for it, like a Royal Society of Omen Watching, were old specialist trade knowledge and interpretations of signs.

    No matter who is interpreting, though, the signs are probably very vague and unspecific, but if done by either a player (on Hero level) or by an NPC with Legend or that I would consider important enough (like the Priest of a Temple or something) I would give it an enhancement for the destiny to come, and a complication/extra difficulty to it not to happen, similarly to the use of the Aesir Purview.


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      As any kind of magic, in the World Astrology is a science. The point is, you can handle it through the powers (knacks and purviews) particularly those that can predict the future.
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        Aristarkos just ask yourself "What would the ancient Greek philosopher and statesman Aristarchus do in this situation?"

        Sorry. Just being silly. For real, most ancient cultures had some form of astrology, so astrology is probably a valid form of magic in the World of Scion.

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          The only fate the stars determine is a horrible horrible death if the tzitzimime reaches earth.

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