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    There is saying that modern superhero genre in comics and movies is like mythologies of our times. I can see some similarities - stories centered on people with powers outside of commoners grasp, marked with great decisions needed to be made. If yes, then maybe we can point some interesting inspirations for Scion from superhero media?

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    I have long been of the opinion that running a game with DC’s superheroes as Scions would be a blast. Works with Marvel too, but DC draws the Superheroes = Gods line more often and not just when the New Gods are around.

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      Originally posted by Second Chances View Post
      I have long been of the opinion that running a game with DC’s superheroes as Scions would be a blast. Works with Marvel too, but DC draws the Superheroes = Gods line more often and not just when the New Gods are around.
      There's probably something to be made of DC's latest timeline having Wonder Woman as the first public superhero in 1939, inspiring the first age of superheroes.

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        Diana/Wonder Woman would be a Created Scion. And I like to think that moments like the events in the Wonder Woman movie happened in the Theaters of World War One in my table's history.

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          I prefer her as a Created Scion. That said, ever since the 2011 reboot, DC has been calling her a Born Scion of Zeus; they even have that in the movie, despite the bedtime story that Hypollyta told Diana early on.

          Outside of a handful of concepts like Wonder Woman, I don't really see superheroes working in the framework of Scion — not without radical alterations. Who are Superman and Batman Scions of, for instance? My preference is to blend Scion and Aberrant, adapting Scion to work within the framework established by Aberrant. Scion would serve primarily as the source for supernatural superheroes, like Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Zatanna; though from what I've heard about Scion 2e's Atlanteans, they'd likely fit right in in a manner not unlike DC's New Gods and their “God-tech”.


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            Funnily enough, a not-so-subtle inspiration for my upcoming game is the MCU Avengers.


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              When Grant Morrison was writing JLA back in the 90s, he specifically set up their post Rock of Ages expansion to echo the Greek Gods. I forget who was who, specifically, but I remember Huntress was Artemis, Steel was Hephaestus, and Aquaman was Poseidon.

              If I was doing the classic Justice League as inspiration for Scion Heroes, I'm not sure who would be from what pantheon. I'd probably end up mixing it up with some unconventional picks (Aquaman as a Scion of Susano-o or of Yemoja-Oboto, for example.)

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                I've always seen the Modern Superhero Genre as Sword and Sandel Genre Redux


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                  I have to say that, as somebody who has struggled to find a superhero game that suits my tastes for a long while, Scion may well be the one.

                  I love the lore and the writing of it but, although I am well versed in Storyteller systems used in other games, I have to be honest and say I am still getting my head around some of the aspects of gameplay with Scion. I could benefit from a few character generation sessions I think, and I hope to get a mini-campaign running with a group some time this year. The supplements look interesting too.

                  But yes, the tangent of Scion-as-a-supers game is the approach I’ll be taking.


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                    If you want to drive home the superhero thing in Scion you can offer all players a couple of free birthright dots with the prerequisite that it's for buying cool armor or clothes, or possibly a signature weapon of some sort.