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Help with building a creature- Suzaku - with questions

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  • Help with building a creature- Suzaku - with questions

    The Japanese version of the Chinese vermillion bird

    Do i need to add Flight for a bird-type creature for example?
    Since Suzaku seems to be considered to symbolise summer and fire is Sorcery fire innate or do i need to spend dice for it?

    What other Qualities and flairs would be appropriate for the creature?

    Do Sandbags/weaknesses give dice back?-

    What determines a creatures defense?

    Im guessing it would be at least a 4 or 5 Rating, thoughts?

    Anyone know how big/small it´s actually supposed to be?

    Any Suggestions for it´s Primary Actions ?

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    First question, is it for an Origin tier scion or Hero?
    Second question, how many dots you want to put into it?

    Completed campaign: Scion 2nd Edition. Les Légendes Currently playing: Being a dad for a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son.


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      Hero, oh! also meant as creature Birthright.


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        So first i wouldnt give the Sorcery flair for the fire purview as you can emulate fire effects using various Qualities and Flairs.

        Second, do you want to use the creature more for fighting or support ? (as that will affect the primary action pool and the flairs/ qualities you pick)

        For Qualities, i'd give the Flight, Natural Weapons (beak and talon), Baleful Touch (hero, p. 289: to represent the fire aspect).
        For Flairs, Either Spray N Pray or Detonation, Here I Come (would represent a good mobility), Inspiration (if you want to represent a more abstract connection to fire), Weather Tyrant (for summer weather effect).

        Of course you don't have to take all of those, just pick the ones you find interesting.

        Sandbag/weakness don't give dice backs as far as i know.

        Health and defense would be = to the creature dots.

        It can be as big or small as you want.
        If you want it horse sized i recommend making up a Mount quality that allows the scion to share the movement capacity of the creature.

        Primary pool : Flying, attacking with beak and talons (if you want a fighting creature, if not then move this to secondary pool instead), using fire, inspiring others.

        I'd need to do more research on Suzaku to give out better informations tho. For now i only know its a fire bird representing the direction south and summer.

        Hope this helps.

        Completed campaign: Scion 2nd Edition. Les Légendes Currently playing: Being a dad for a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son.


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          It helps a bit, Thanks!


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            So my group has also had a bit of a problem with what makes a creature and what comes with it and what needs to be added. What we're trying this time around is the "reasonable" approach, as opposed to straight mechanics. Basically, make a non-magical creature and move from there - so a bird has flight for free. If it's some kind of raptor or eagle, maybe give it a weapon tag or two for its claws and beak. It's probably 2 dice non-magically. so from there you have a 6 dice creature with flight "for free." Then build the creature out from there as normal.

            We use this because if you had a crocodile for example. It's heavily armored, it's got natural weapons. That's 4 dice off of a suggested 6. Which is... rough. So we're trying to figure out what should be "free." My answer as a storyteller has usually been "Be reasonable." I know that doesn't work for every group, so if I had to codify I'd probably say something like... 2 applicable origin level (and flight) antagonist features to flesh out the mundane aspects of the creature are free? Maybe make a list of generally applicable ones.

            It's something we've been working on for awhile and are still trying to nail down, as you can probably tell.

            So that being said here's my take.

            Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird of the South 00000
            Health - 5
            Defense - 3
            Initiative - 7
            Primary 9 Spreading Flames, Flight, Finding the Way
            Secondary 7 Beak and Talon, Inspiring Others
            Desperation 5
            Flight (Free)
            Natural Weapon (Wings of Flame - Ranged, Lethal, Messy, Aggravated)
            Baleful Touch

            Spray n' Pray/Weather Control

            Health was technically errata'd to dots x2, but Neall weighed in saying to go by the book and do dots in health.
            Defense, I and others have used the same guideline as followers - dot rating/2, because a defense of 5 is ridiculous.
            For initiative, I usually just find the closest antagonist and use that - so for a 9 dice creature, 7 dice for initiative.

            I hope this helps. In the end I usually err on the side of trusting my players, and that everyone's broken in their own way in Scion. If adding Natural weapons beak and talons for free will make your player feel like this is a 5 dot creature, go for it, you won't break the game.
            Except Molon Labe - that thing is crazy lol

            That's my process, hope it helps.


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              Dices are only removed for flairs. Not qualities
              So flight, natural weapons and even baleful touch would all be free dice wise.

              Edit: also i second the rating/2 for defense. I had a player with a 5 dot creature and 5 def was too high in my opinion.
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              Completed campaign: Scion 2nd Edition. Les Légendes Currently playing: Being a dad for a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son.


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                So with your help i came up with this as the creatures stats as of now
                Suzaku OOOOO

                Primary: 9 (Spreading Fire, Flying, Finding the way)
                Secondary:7 (Inspiring others, Beak and Talon)
                Desperation: 5

                Flight, (Wings, Flight, Finding the way)
                Natural weapon, (Wings of flame- Ranged, Lethal, Messy, Aggraveted)- This was unexpected and Thank you
                Unstoppable (To represent the size) -If there is someone who has a better idea to deal with size- let me know
                Baleful touch (Quality activated by the flair Detonation)
                Vulnerability (Water)

                Detonation (Which will activate Baleful touch quality for one turn after activation)
                Weather tyrant (Summer)
                Im happy with it as of right now, the only question left if i should use something other than Unstoppable for it´s size


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                  That looks great - if you want to use something other than Unstoppable to handle its size I'd say you either make a new quality to represent size, or frankly, just handle it narratively. It's a big heckin Bird-o and that's that.