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  • Glycon

    I assume most of you have heard of the strange snake-puppet god? How would you interpret him for Scion? I assume he's probably a minor Theoi, but he's just such an oddball that I'd love to hear your thoughts on him.

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    That’s a interesting god. Personally I would make him a trickster instead of a Healing god, just because all the back story.

    I would start it as a Denizen snake that was part of a minor fertility cult. When it reached Hero it started talking and convinced a guy that he was a true god, even making some good use of the trickster powers to that. By the time it become the center of a minor cult, it was time to reach Demigod status, working local and amplifying its powers, but it wanted more. It convinces Alexander to make a big “Return of Asclepius” party, and with the legend the event created, Glycon become a Demigod, I dead being reborn as a Demigod during the event. After that they (Glycon and Alexander) went after a higher position, with a bigger cult growing until reaching Rome and the Caesar, what turned him into a true god, but for the wrong reasons.

    Callings: Trickster, Liminal and Lover
    Purviews: Beasts (snakes), Deception and Fertility.
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