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    Hello! It's Hapless! and I am looking for a bit of help. I have one of a few possible outcomes of an adventure all ready to go. So basically the asking if this adventure isn't going to end in a bunch of angry and frustrated players because I just killed the party.
    First some Background.
    It is no small issue that the Fairy Courts are petitioning the US government to have their Hidden Worlds in North America recognized as allied nations or reservations their citizens recognized as US Citizens. As part of the agreement, the Fairies have bequeathed a 1,500 carat Oval cut diamond inscribed with every law the fairies will follow, this gem is touring the country stopping in each US capital to catch the light of dawn in each building.
    As normal the group is all separated and will need to be brought back together but rather than a listing on Hermes List all of them will find themselves accidentally stepping into circles and winding up in Avalon, together in front of Queen Titania who will look very upset. Not angry more distraught. Her security advisor (my character) has gone missing and the last instructions he left listed this group as the ones he trusted the most to take over if anything should happen to him.
    When they accept they will find themselves in Madison, Wisconsin. From here I can let them investigate, check things out, or character build. Tick down the time till Midnight. Once midnight hits, the First Antagonist Miranda will show up. She's a changeling, cat burglar. She is after the law stone. If allowed to, she will steal it but the parp will have to enter into a chase. Miranda's good pools are in Parkour, Evasion, Stealth, theft, and B&E
    Her Middle pools are Cat Handling, Singing, Motorcycles, and art forgery
    Her desperation pools...well that's combat.
    So obviously she will try to ditch the party and head to meet the second antagonist and her hired witch at a set location.
    The second antagonist is Andrea D'Argon. Originally I wanted her to be a Dragon Scion, luck. So instead she is
    a daughter
    of Ares!
    The following are my notes


    Perfected Soldier, Mystic Arsenal, Tough as Nails


    a more perfect warrior, reclaim Adam and kill any potential rivals for his time and attention.

    Primary Pool:
    11 Bossing around troops, sword, seduction

    Secondary Pool:
    9 Slaughter, reinvigorating moral, treating wounds

    Desperation Pool:

    8 +2 hard armor



    +2 enhancement for stunts other than inflicting damage.

    The Blessed kiss of Death
    - +2 vs anyone who has feelings of love (any kind) for her
    (Grants Passion (Lust), and Fire) Relic Sword
    The Title of Dominion. - +2 to allied leadership, -2 to the enemy once planted. Grants (Passion (Rage)) Relic Battle Standard
    (Guardian, Lover, Warrior)

    The Conquering Sword.
    She earned the title the Conquering Sword when she conquered several backwoods Militia groups, slaying their membership and arming and indoctrinating the women and children.

    The Stewardess Unrelenting Desire.
    She earned this title when she defended the Daughter of Cuyahoga, who desired a specific lover but because she was the daughter of the God of the River that Burned
    The Dragon Warlord
    She earned the Title dragon warlord for crushing the last resistance to her plans by using her pets
    and Astrath to help lead a purge at the head of her army against a titan cult in Ohio.
    She also has...
    Nigrand - Storm Drake
    Archetype: Rival
    Qualities: Thick Scales, Deadly Claws and jaws
    Flair: Lightning breath, Intolerable Damage
    Drive: Please Mother!
    Primary Pool: 9 Claws and Jaws, tail slap, being a good girl
    Secondary Pool: 6 Lighting Breath, Stalking
    Health: 3 +2
    Defense: 3
    Initiative: 6
    Lightning Breath: Spent a tension to breathe a burst of lightning. Add targets' hard armor value as an enhancement.
    Intolerable Damage: On a critical hit, the target suffers a wound that causes [s] complication.

    Ashtaroth - Inferno Drake
    Archetype: Rival
    Qualities: Thick Scales, Deadly Claws and jaws
    Flair: Fire breath, Intolerable Damage
    Drive: Please Mistress!
    Primary Pool:9 Claws and Jaws, tail slap, being a good Boy
    Secondary Pool:6 Fire Breath, Stalking
    Health: 3+2
    Initiative: 6
    Fire Breath: Spent a tension to breathe a burst of lightning. Attack has shockwave. Cover adds no protection.
    Intolerable Damage: On a critical hit, the target suffers a wound that causes [s] complication.

    Obviously, The story could branch 2 other ways. All 3 paths I see are below.
    A. They fail to capture Miranda and follow her to the ritual site where Andrea plans to use the Law Stone to rewrite Adams Gease to make him subservient to her. The witch performing the ritual reveals she has other plans for the stone and unveils her plan to rewrite how humans interact with the males of our species, by laying a Gease on all humanity.
    B. They arrive at the ritual site mid-way through the ritual, after Miranda escapes them completely as hopefully, the brainy daughter of Hekate can figure out what is going on.
    C. They stop the jewel thief.

    The players are
    Naeva "Princess of the Dead" Daughter of Anubis Legend 1
    Belladonna "Cthonic Witch" Daughter of Hekate Legend 1
    Breena "Dom Queen" Daughter of Loki Legend 1
    Ara "Bashful Gorgon" Scion of Athena Legend 1

    And Sitting this adventure out is my character.
    Adam "The Celtic Swordsman, Charming Prince of War" Son of Macha (one of the 3 fold Morrigan) Legend 2
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