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Need help designing a "Mystery box" relic

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  • Need help designing a "Mystery box" relic

    A player wishes for his character to own a box of mystery with effects that are not known before he opens it. Basically, it's a box that can be opened once per session and produces some type of effect. Everytime he opens it he will roll a die and the number on the die indicate if the effect is helpful or harmful and to what degree. There is no weighting, harmful or heplful have an equal chance of happening.

    I have no idea how to price such a relic though, especially as it is just as likely to help as to hinder. Should I just let him have it with no cost because of this?

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    I had a player wanting a similar thing.
    In the end i ended up making a list for effects for Devotions Rewards the deva psp boon. So in the end we didnt use a relic.
    But what i did, and what i recommand, is to separate the list of random effect in 4 group depending on what the player want to do.
    Physical, social, mental and combat.
    This allow for a measure of random but still having the player get something useful.

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