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Some Question About Fatebindings

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  • Some Question About Fatebindings

    Fatebindings say that they have to be from the PCs to a storyguide character of lesser tier. This just raised a few questions amongst my group:

    Why? Why can't I fatebind a rival scion as my Rival?

    How do you know which followers/guides count as lesser tier? Is my 5 dot wolf pack followers a Tier 0 follower but someone else's 4 dot Aes Sidhe follower Tier 1? Guides may be a more clear example: a mortal can be Tier 0 obviously, but Lugh Lamhfada is Tier 4. This came up regarding fatebindings, but also things like Apocalyptic Presence, etc.

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    The rival scion has their own fate and legend. You can't easily entangle your fate with theirs. If you were a Demi-God, that would be different. You'd have a lot more power to throw around.

    For Antagonists, the easiest rule of thumb is to look at the Archetype of the antagonist. If you're Hero tier, then a Foe would be lower tier, a Rival or Nemesis would be same tier, and Titanspawn would be same or higher.

    Followers will always be lower Tier than the character they are following. If a Guide has a Legendary Title, then they would at least be Hero tier. They could be higher depending on the guide.


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      When dealing with a character of same tier you can creat a bound, but not a fatebound.

      Fatebinding is related to your impact the reality have on character legend, and so other characters of same legend or higher are as “Not-real” as you are, and so have no fatebound.

      The difference of a Mortal Tier and Hero Tier is minimum, but enough to some effects affect your wolfs but not the Sidhe. And not all followers are from lesser tier. You can have a follower same tier as you, usually it costs a lot for a single follower, while the same dots could buy a little army of lower tier.

      When going to Demigod the difference is a bit higher, as Demigod have higher access to scale and better target number for targets.

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        Granted, Guide Tiers are a bit less important. Since Guides, mechanically, don't need stats. The benefits you get from a Guide are things they're teaching YOU how to do. If you use a unique Knack you acquired through a Guide, the Knack's effective tier is based off of you, not off your Guide.

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