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A problem with creatures and followers

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  • A problem with creatures and followers

    So, is there a reason that followers and creatures are two different types of birthrights? It seems like, for the most part, creatures are objectively better, with solid stats and a turn in the initiative order. I see the use for followers as groups, but the book uses single followers as the example in it's description. They can be useful by fulfilling niches that the player themselves can't, but the same can be said for creatures. Is this an artifact from 1e? Or is there a game design choice that isn't immediately obvious to me?

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    At the same time, the creature statistics are a bigger pain to actually use than the followers system, personally I love followers and I found they worked much better in my games than creatures did, with a creature you have a whole other NPC in the hands of the player and there is very little wiggle room between "so good it's like having two characters at once" and "so worthless they perform a niche service and should never be brought near actual threats". Which can make them either too much of a spotlight hog, or a bad investment, and either way they are yet another thing that needs to be tracked during initiative.

    I love the follower mechanics because they make having companions an actual mechanic for the player that helps round out their skillset (example: I had a Chef Scion who had a squad of panther warriors do the heavy lifting) and I find having two different companion mechanics in the game actually very frustrating, I'd have much rather preferred the followers system being slightly altered for creatures than the current system.


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      Also, Followers can more easily allow for things like "Don't worry, Boss, I can get us into the club" than Creatures can. The two do different things.

      Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.


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        Personnaly, ive considered folding creatures into the follower mechanics in the next games i plan to run.
        Dont misunderstand tho, both creature and followers are incomparatively better than they were in 1e.
        But still Of the two the followers are more fun and feel more ... part of the legend of the scion.

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