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    I haven't had a chance to look at the new rules and I've misplaced the old books so this will be rich in mistakes. Still, the actual Ancient Greeks gave Helen of Troy and her brothers Castor and Pollax worship as gods. They also had Hero Cults but they were more often venerated as gods. There are legends of the three coming and saving the passengers and crew of more than one shipwreck. So my question is, if someone plays a Scion of Helen, which purviews are available?

    If Beauty is a purview, Helen has to have it. Epic Presence seems likely too. As her Mythic duty is to protect ships and sailors Guardian, Water, and Sky, seem right. Beast (Swan) fits also. If Arete is still the Olympians purview, she'd get that.

    So what purviews do you think fit? I know she was invoked to protect sailors at sea, does she have a protection Calling? What other callings might she have? Also, what other details are needed?
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    What you need at minimum is 1 Calling, 1 Purview, so you could easily just.... wait. Arete? Epic Presence? Are you asking about 1E? If so I humbly bow out, don't know enough about the system to say much.

    2E, though. Like I said, for a full God write up, yeah you need 3 Callings and at least 3 Purviews, but just for playing at your table all you need is one and one. Beauty is kind of a lock for Helen's Legend. Just for being a Theoi she'd have Metamorphosis, the Theoi motif, and the Virtues. With a Legend of protecting sailors at sea, I could see Guardian, maybe Lover for her resounding love with Menelaus.


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      For Helen, if we assume she's a God... Guardian and Lover seem likely. I admit I don't know enough about Helen's legend to ballpark a third Calling for her.

      As for her Purviews, Beauty is almost a guarantee. There's no Epic Presence in 2e, and there's no Arete. You can probably justify Beast (Swans) and Water or Sky. Passion (Desire) is possible.

      As Auto noted, a Scion of hers would also gain access to the Metamorphosis Purview, as it's the 2e Theoi's PSP.

      Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.


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        I would have Helen and Aeris share the Golden Apple of Discord.

        I'm conservative with minor deities and deified mortals. I wouldn't give her to many. We have to have some gods who are minor after all. :P

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