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Will Scion 2E books get Kickstarters?

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  • Will Scion 2E books get Kickstarters?

    Will new Scion books get Kickstarters in coming months - or will they be directly sell when made on DriveThru? I ask here mainly on - Scion 2E: Companion, Demigod, Dragon, Masks of the Mythos, Saints and Monsters, Titanomachy and Wild Hunt? ( I assume that LARP Rules will be sold directly on DriveThru as niche product. )
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    LARP rules and the companion were stretch goals in the Hero kickstarter.

    I'd bet real money Demigod will get a kickstarter.


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      Well, I don't know which of these products was planned to have a Kickstarter, but with Legendlore's KS cancelled due to pandemic concerns, I'd be surprised if Onyx Path opened up another in the next few months. Titanomachy at least might be virtually finished by the time things could possibly get back to normalcy, considering it looks to already be text-finalized and art being ordered according to the latest Monday notes. It'd be pretty weird to start up a Kickstarter for a product where all the money has already been spent. Some of the others, maybe?


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        As far as I know, only Demigod is a certain KIckStart subject.

        Companion in the other way is for sure not going to have a KS, as it’s a stretch goal (as Florin pointed).

        The others are hard to tell. If OPP was going to have 2 KS simultaneously all the time, I would bet on Dragon and Mythos, for sure, but with the delay it may be not the case.

        The last answer we had related to this is “only time will tell”. And I guess not even Rich T is sure about it.

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