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Scion 1st Edition Combat flow chart

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  • Scion 1st Edition Combat flow chart

    Ive created a smart combat flow chart, that gives simple and complete explanations of combat.

    I know its not perfect but, thats part of the reason I am sharing it here, hoping to get some criticism/advice

    please take a look at it, to view the interactive draft version (this is a living document) click the link below

    ultimately, I'm just going to release it as a downloadable interactive PDF for all.

    Please, let me know what you think, I am really just trying to nail down the mechanics and help others do so in the future.

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    also, I've created the document with googledocs so that you can comment directly to the document (but this version is not clickable for descriptions, which is inconvenient )

    really looking forward to feedback. Thanks!
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