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Scion 1st Edition Character sheet cheat sheet

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  • Scion 1st Edition Character sheet cheat sheet

    Made a little cheat sheet for character creation. Hoping for some feedback if any errors or found, hope someone finds it useful

    Here's an interactive weblink

    heres an interactive PDF for download

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    From what little I remember of Scion 1e (and I have tried to forget as much of it as possible) this seems to be a very well done... I only have two suggestions:

    Firstly, the return button at the end of each step says 'Return to Combat Flow Chart' which I assume was copied over from your other creation?

    Secondly, have you considered something like this for 2e? You are likely to find a much bigger and responsive audience if you shift to the latest edition.


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      I have no exoerience with 1e but gotta say, the interactive PDF is really gorgeous and fine-looking. It would be nice to have something like it for 2e as well.


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        I know .
        I've just already spent so much time reading 1st edition the last few weeks. I cant imagine having to learn a new system again so soon.

        I originally ordered Scion 2e but, being on an over sea's military base, the mail takes AGES. I got tired of waiting and saw 1st edition pdf's were so cheap I didn't mind dropping a few extra bucks for it.

        Also fixed those mistakes on the cheat sheet, thank you!
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