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Scion 2e Update of JSR Pantheons?

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  • Scion 2e Update of JSR Pantheons?

    Hi all. First time posting, yadda yadda, who cares, let's just get on with it, shall we?
    With Scion 2e now out and with a sizable fanbase, and even a decent number of excellent fan pantheons done, I think we should take s fresh look at the fan pantheons of the now-defunct John's Scion Resources. They were awesome, and the page was awesome, and Scion 2e would probably never evwn have happened without them, but I think it's time to give their fan pantheons a much-needed update to 2e. Mechanics-wise, at least. The actual mythological research that went into those pantheons is immaculate. We just need a.(strictly unofficial, nonprofit fanmade) 2e conversion if we want to be able to use them in a 2e game. Is anyone on board?

    Edit: No disrespect intended to John or Anne. This would be an homage, not a replacement.
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    GBN's Pantheons were really cool and products of a lot of love that were a huge influence on me growing up, and as someone who has worked on several 2e Pantheons, they're absolutely far easier tasks than they were back in the day. So, a fan project to update the material from John and Anne would certainly be a really cool idea, and one that is ultimately very achievable.

    Though, I think the reason we haven't seen anyone take a swing at them yet is that almost all of them are planned for release by Onyx Path at the moment. Based on what Neall has spoken about in the Discord, we should be seeing the Apu, Bogovi, Annunaki, and Atua in Scion: Demigod, and though for the life of me I can't find the list we have for the Scion: God Pantheons, I know Neall wants to cover the Ilhim (a probably better name for the Elohim), as well as the K'uh and an Inuit Pantheon.

    While Scion: Demigod looks to be increasingly on the horizon, the God book is probably a while out, so maybe aim for one of them for the project?

    Scion 2e Homebrew Projects:
    The Šiuneš, The Enduri, The Sgā’na Qeda’s, The Abosom, Lebor Óe In Dea, The Zemi, Nemetondevos: Revised, and Mysteries of the Otherworld.


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      Hmm...listing them all in my head, you forgot about the Alihah. Obscure as heck, but could be doable, especially if it's not in the production pipeline.

      Otherwise, yeah, the God pantheons are probably years away, and a working alternative until official release would be nice.


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        If anyone is interested in doing this, I could take a crack at it myself, though I'd probably need plenty of feedback to turn this into anything balanced, as I'm more of a lore guy than a rules guy.

        In that case, which do we do first?


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          Personally, I suggest the Alihah as the first one, since that's the only one of them that doesn't seem to have any plans to be done officially.


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            Seems like a good place to start, yeah.

            Lineup is fairly straightforward, just updating their associated Purviews. Hajj still works as a concept (I think?), but needs a mechanical overhaul. I assume turning the first three levels of Hajj into powers (including the first as innate) is enough for a start? Any thoughts on their Virtues?


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              Here's my attempt at converting the lineup's Purviews into Callings (also partly based on the flavour rext) and Purviews. I'm skipping the flavour text entirely here, for copyright reasons.

              * Guardian, Liminal, Sage
              * Darkness, Epic Stamina, Journeys, Stars
              * Hunter, Leader, Liminal
              * Fertility, Moon, Stars
              * Healer, Leader, Lover
              * Beauty, Epic Strength, Fertility, Health, Stars
              * Guardian, Judge, Leader
              * Moon, Order, Sky
              * Leader, Sage, Warrior
              * Earth, Fertility, Sky, Sun, Water
              * Liminal, Sage, Warrior
              * Fortune, Moon, Sky, War
              * Guardian, Leader, Liminal
              * Fertility, Moon, Sun, Water
              * Judge, Liminal, Sage
              * Death, Fortune, Order, Prosperity
              * Hunter, Leader, Warrior
              * Beasts (Bull, Eagle), Earth, Epic Strength, Sky
              * Liminal, Lover, Warrior
              * Beasts (Snake), Beauty, Moon, Passion (Love), War

              I'm thinking Survival (or possobly Honor) vs Hospitality as Virtues, but I'm open to suggestions.



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                Cancelling this project for lack of interest. Mods please lock this thread.


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                  I am interested, but don't have much to contribute.

                  Thoughts ripple out, birthing others