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Designing A Relic: Some Confusion

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  • Designing A Relic: Some Confusion

    I’m designing a relic for a Teōtl character. An obsidian pistol. I want it to grant access to the Epic Dexterity purview and obviously count as a weapon. Do I need to buy these effects as separate costs (2 for the purview and X dots for the weapon tags) or do I get the basic weapon tags for a pistol, a purview + motif, AND a +1 general enhancement because I spent 2 dots on a relic?

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    Per page 212 of Hero, the relic gets the weapon's tags at no cost. So, you're only paying for anything above and beyond that.


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      Do I get the purview AND the extra enhancement or do I pay separate point costs for each?


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        You need to buy the Purview and the Relic Enhancement separately. So Epic Dex will be 2 dots, and giving it +1 general Enhancement will be another 2 dots, making for 4 dots so far.

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          Got it. That’s what I thought it should be but the book didn’t really say that. It implies the other way and it seemed too powerful. Since the knacks don’t have values I couldn’t reverse engineer the example relics


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            Yeah, there's a 2-dot Relic where its only power is having a Purview, so the phrasing in the first part of Purviews is misleading.

            1 Purview = 2 Dots
            2 Purviews = 4 Dots
            3 Purviews = 7 Dots

            As for Knacks, I admit that's a bit of ballparking. I kind of scale with the Calling Knacks.

            Remember: The iGjallar has "Gets full bars anywhere" as a 1-dot Knack, so I use that as a cutoff point between "Is this worth a Dot?"

            Car that never runs out of fuel? 1-dot.

            A laptop that never runs out of battery? 1-dot.

            Disclaimer: In favor of fun and enjoyment, but may speak up to warn you that you're gonna step on a metaphorical land mine


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              I noticed that. For my next relic (Rocker band lead + Scion of Thor’s guitar Stormbreaker) I basically used Tideshaper almost as-is. Just changed the purviews (Sky and Music) and motif. For its knack I’m not sure if helping with a different kind of marvel than upheaval would be worth a different amount than the one on Tideshaper.

              I almost gave it a knack that eliminates the need for electricity or an amp/speakers, but decided that’s covered by the Voice of Seven Thunders boon and esoterica marvels channeled through it.


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                Yeah. Some of it is quite subjective. The gap between 'This needs to cost something.' and 'This is just cool flavour that can be a freebie.' can get thin in places. I usually ask myself if there is a place in the game where the thing could actually be important enough to disadvantage the player for not having it (the iGjallar not having signal, for example). If so then it costs a point. If not then leave it free.

                As for the rest, yeah, basically all you can do is compare it to other similar things and give it your best ballpark guess as to how much to charge. It's the same with flaws. The lines between the cost of some of them can get blurry.

                Although, dude, I would be super keen to get a relic guitar named 'Stormbreaker'. Somebody's Scion is about to be super happy!