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  • New Community Content: Scion Pride!

    As the title says, a new book is out on Storypath Nexus, this one based all around Pride and Scion! I’ve only been skimming it since it’s late at my region but I like it so far!

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    Interesting. Who are the new patrons, out of curiosity (npi)?

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      The new patrons are: Antinous for the Theoi and Netjer both, Ghede Nibo for the Loa, Hermaphroditus for the Theoi, Inle for the Orisha, Iravan for the Deva, Sappho for the Theoi, Tu’er Shen for the well Shen


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        Very much look into the project, as armature LGBT+ anthropologist and historian! I dwell in those subjects in this topic on forum. Also, as bi bear man I'm very glad Antinous is in supplement - as lover of Emperor Hadrian, he is pointed as first historical bear chaser. Just see statues of Hadrian, to understand why he is bear icon. He was first Emperor to grew 'barbarian' beard - and had 'official' male lover.

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          I had heard that the Hawaiian myths had a deity who was a patron of same sex partners/love. But that report was written by an outraged New Englander. So, anyone know the facts?


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            I think Scion is the perfect game for that. First because it’s based on REAL myths, and not on “sexy vampires that don’t really have pleasure in sex”. For centuries there was no such thing as homosexual or heterosexual, it’s just what it is, people having fun and doing what makes them happy with people that they loved (for a life or for a brief moment), and it is real history.

            Congratulation on the fantastic idea.

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              There’s definite stuff for the Atua to include in a future year’s Pride Supplement (my guess is by this time next year we’ll have the Demigod draft text from the Kickstarter, but not the official book release that will be the green light for related Nexus content.)

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