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    I start to prepare Scion game and have some mechanics questions. So let's start topic on those related to Legend trait.

    1. What is difference between paying dot, point and imbuing Legend for scion, denizens and gods characters?

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    Imbuing is temporary, once the relevent power is no longer doing it's thing, you get the legend back. Spending is more permanent, in that you don't get it back immediately after the power ends, but instead have to earn it back, through accepting or compelling fatebindings, or minor/major sacrifice.


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      Don't we have a general "Ask A Question" thread? I don't think you'll need to start a new thread each time you find a mechanic you need help on.

      That said, Cassie has the right of it. When you Imbue a point of Legend it remains 'committed' for the duration, but once the duration ends (which can be at the scene's end for Scene effects or whenever you feel like ending it for Indefinite effects) you get the Legend back.

      If you spend a point of Legend, the pool empties by one point. So you gotta take actions to get it back, usually through Fatebindings or Sacrifices.

      When you're talking about DOTS of Legend, the only one I can think of is that one Relic Flaw. In which case you're not putting in any points, you're taking a Dot of Legend from your character sheet and putting it in the Relic. If you ever lose that Relic, your Legend Stat goes down by one.

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