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  • [2E] Gods with more Callings

    So the showing of Titan Callings in Titanomachy book – i.e. Adversary, Destroyer, Monster, Primeval, Tyrant – made some commotion in fandom ( see here and here ) because some fans feel original Gods should have Titan's Calling in their own write-up. To name example, famous Deva Kali should be Destroyer, of course. This rewritten pointed me that maybe even other Callings should be added to original Gods from official Pantheons to this day. Write you collection of Callings for each proposed God and why do you think it should have extra Callings than those already listed. 😎

    Remember, listening Titan Calling can be base for contestation in larger Gods society that particular diving is Titan – it’s more political accusation than real evidence, but Gods can always rise it in setting.

    Here is my example:

    Deva - Kali, the Dark Mother
    Callings: Guardian, Liminal, Warrior, Destroyer
    Reason: One of official titles of Kali is simply the Destroyer. Read more about her cult why. 😉
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    When I proposed my God of Halloween idea I had to settle on three of the four appropriate callings (Sage, Trickster, and Liminal) in but Guardian was a perfect fit too. And the four together far more logical than any of the three alone. If we move to the profound complexity of many mythological deities, yes some have half a dozen Callings at least.


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      In this case, three seems to be the logical middle ground. Some Gods, like the Trimurti, could probably have as many as 5 Callings if you cite specific passages, while some gods are so niche that they probably should only have one Calling. And when it comes to PC Balance then it gets dicier where some players may want 5 Callings because their Patron does.

      You also run into things where you have to ask if you assign them based on noteworthy things or if you give anybody who's ever held a sword Warrior. Like the Tuatha: Many Tuatha know how to fight, but some of them are especially good at it. This also shows up in Purviews as well. ALL the Theoi are more inhumanly beautiful than any mortal could be. They're dazzling. However, even among them, some are especially so. So do you give all Theoi Beauty, or do you give Apollo and Aphrodite (and while I don't believe Apollo has Beauty in the Hero book he should) to denote "Even for a very pretty Pantheon, they are ESPECIALLY so"

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        Those multiple callings may be due to multiple Mantels that the god have, while still being the same in the myths. Let’s say Mars to the Romans can be Mars Pater that would have the Creator calling, Mars Gradivus that would have the Leader calling, but in the myths both are still Mars, not Ares.

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          Adversary’s a dangerous Calling for a trickster figure to slip into. It’s possible that Loki will become an Adversary, or perhaps that he already is and is hiding it. Tawiscara is on the brink, as is perhaps a certain of Set’s mantles and that wily one, Tezcatlipoca.

          Destroyer’s tricky, beyond the obvious Shiva and Kali, but you know what should be obvious? Giving Sekhmet and Ītzpāpālōtl Monster.

          Primordial fits a few gods, too: Varuna and Zam, most notably.


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            Scion Demigod Kickstarter manuscript have official list of Gods with Titanic Callings that should be in Origin and Hero updated.

            Titanic Callings in Hero
            The creation of Titanic Callings as a system topic postdates the Gods featured in the pantheons of Hero. Conceptually speaking, if you’re going to let half-Titans into some pantheons, you probably have to acknowledge the ones who should already be present in the game — it’s only fair.

            The following isn’t a complete list, but just the most obvious Gods. Any God with a monstrous countenance or deeply inhuman aspect has the potential for a Titanic Calling; Certainly, many pantheons like the Shen will have legitimate members who are Titans, or possess Titanic Callings. Storyguide should feel free to treat some Gods with exceptions, however; for example, Ares’ Mantles of Mars still treat associated his Callings as Guardian, Lover, Warrior, while the various component goddesses who make up the Morrigan may take turns swapping Mantles to make sure none get too monstrous.

            Full rules for playing with these Callings are available in Titanomachy, while full rules for playing Scions with a Titanic heritage are available in Saints and Monsters.

            Agni: Primeval
            Ares: Destroyer
            Shiva: Destroyer
            Itzpapalotl: Monster, Primeval
            The Morrigan: Destroyer, Monster
            Tawiscara: Adversary
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              A clarification that short summaries of stuff from books written out is fine. Try not to copy whole cloth and never post a photo. This is fine.
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                I think cases where more three Mantles are really good fits for Gods can probably be handled via Mantles having slightly different lineups of three from each other. Zeus has his stern father force of law itself Mantle with Judge, but that's not usually Scions' Divine Parent because it's incarnations with his Leader, Lover, Trickster Mantle that are constantly turning into animals to get laid and father Scions on mortals.
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