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  • wyrdhamster
    started a topic [2E] Scion series ideas

    [2E] Scion series ideas

    So I'm having a bit of brainstorm for the Scion possible series/chronicles/campaigns after new books releases. As I do not plan to run them right away, I thought about collecting those series seeds, also, for showing what can be done with gameline, I think. You can write your own, of course! It's also to limit myself a bit, as I do not want to make the same mistake I did in my now Werewolf game of 4 years where I think that I overdone too many different story elements at once, not sticking to main premise.

    I use Myth Levels system from Mysteries of the World Companion book, to tweak the game world for each particular game. Bacislly, it states if particular game is on Iron-Heroic-Bronze-Silver-Gold spectrum of 'mythicness' of play.

    Notice: Unless I point otherwise, all mine Scion series use Gods in Hiding hack, with mechanics of Mystical Mists. I just not like general idea of 2E vanilla setting with everyone gods as celebrities. But it's discussion on other topic - I advise this one.

    Returning to Scion series - my first proposition...

    Return of Atlantis - Origin to Hero game ( possible Demigod )
    Myth Level: Heroic
    A bit 'pulpish' game. PCs are 'normal' people that are drawn on the adventure where they uncover ruins of long-forgotten Atlantis civilization. More deep they come, they understand THEY are reincarnations ( Scions ) of long-forgotten gods of Atlantis, Theros ( see Mysteries of the World book ). Now they need to resurrect their Pantheon.
    Ending: Character accepts they are Scions of Atlanteans Theros.
    Ending 2: Character becomes new Gods, after the Demigod level, really restarting Theros Pantheon.
    Twist: Players may start the play not knowing they are playing Scions of the long dead gods. Players can choose Scions of whatever Pantheon they like on start of Origin tier - Storyguide need to approximate they chosen god for the one of Theros, in secret. When character has Visitation, it's unveiled his Patron is not the god players thought - but one of Theros. Of course, to this time it's probably obvious, with all the Atlantean ruins, backstory and some stories already going on pointing to long lost civilisation.
    Problem: Some players may not 'agree' to this twist ( it's a secret at first ) so some characters will stay as Scions of previous Pantheons, overthrowing their Atlantean heritage. However, they can easily became their Pantheons ambassadors to the Theros themselves
    Inspirations: Tomb Raider series, Uncharted series, DC's New Gods
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  • wyrdhamster
    My two new, after the Scion Dragon & Masks of the Mythos Kickstarter – also, as extension of Atlantis one…

    Enemy Within - Hero to Demigod game ( possible God ) – Using Scion Dragon
    Myth Level: Heroic ( to Bronze, I suppose? )
    Espionage/secrets game. PCs are Heroes in Pantheons. Lately, they uncover literal Ancient Reptilian Conspiracy – with biggest Dragons at the reign of it. All the Titanomachy conflicts between Gods and Titans are just next machinations of Dragons. And Big Lizards are just to sweep the Gods and Titans alike, once and for all…
    Option: If Theros of Atlantis are used in game, they bring news to modern Pantheons about return of ancient enemy – Dragons – that once defeated Atlanteans.
    Ending: PCs build coalition of Pantheons to stop Great Wyrms from return to World en masse – and defeat Dragons overloads?
    Twist: ???
    Problem: ‘Ancient Reptilian Conspiracy’ maybe hard too pull realisable – as with any Ancient Conspiracy Trope. Especially, with Gods level Dragons planning it.
    Inspirations: ( Reptilians Conspiracy Media? ), V (2009 TV series)

    Horror from Outer Space - Hero to Demigod game ( possible God ) – Using Scion Dragon
    Myth Level: Heroic ( to /very dark/ Silver, I suppose? )
    Pulpish horror game – so called Lovecraft Lite. PCs are Heroes in Pantheons. Lately, they uncover that Great Old Ones are coming! PCs need to build Pantheons coalition to beat the literal Horrors from Outer Space…
    Option: If Theros of Atlantis are used in game, they bring news to modern Pantheons about return of ancient enemy – Great Old Ones – that once nearly wiped out Atlanteans and whole life on Earth.
    Ending: PCs with coalition of Pantheons stops Old Ones more and more faster invasion on the World?
    Twist: ???
    Problem: Starts maybe as a bit pulpish horror – with finding cultists, then Lesser Servants, etc. But can come to truly apocalyptic proportions – with literal End of the World finale. Think of Call of Cthulhu RPG where PCs are Scion Heroes…
    Inspirations: ( Cthulhu Mythos media – especially, more action oriented ), Robert E. Howard's Conan stories and its Hyborian setting are tangentally connected to the Mythos, as are a number of his other works (Kull of Atlantis, Bran Mac Morn, etc.) – all about Heroes beating ancient horrors, many time literally taken from Mythos.
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  • Maitrecorbo
    Hm, so i just noticed i never really made titles flr any of the campaigns XD

    1. The vendetta
    Standard scion Dials with exception of the titanomachy one at lower.

    So you have 2 party in the city with a huge beef/vendetta against each other. One of them has influence among the "low" portion of the city and the other has influence on the "high" status portion of the city.
    The escalation of their hostilities is threatening to destroy the city itself.
    Or so claim the mysterious person asking the bands help.
    With the people involved being scions/chosens/incarnate or cults of Nidhogg and Vedrfolnir respectively.
    As an added twist the mysterious third party who asked the help of the band turns out to be (or directed by) Ratatoskr and he has no intention for the band to actually solve the situation. Au contraire all advice he gives or directions to the band ultimately make the situation even worse.

    A fun thing that can also be done is lower the tier to Origin and instead of the whole city the conflict is in a single habitation bloc with the vendetta being between two tennants.

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  • Maitrecorbo
    Since the birth of the new baby and the fact i would not be able to run or participate in a game for the next few years, ive been writing up campaign ideas like crazy XD

    Im gonna try to write up small synopsis that can be read here (so not jlin french haha)

    Ill do my best not to overburden the thread with tok many write up tho :P

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  • Wiwuno
    If I may contribute to this one I have an idea that has always stricken me as fun.
    Long Live the King- Hero & Up
    Myth Level: Silver
    Theocentrisim: Partial Greek's take the forefront but other pantheons are in play
    Players respond to strange repetative dreams that drive them to searching a cave system not far from a small unimportant town. After completing many difficult tasks they find themselves in a room out of an ancient greek temple. In the center is a pool of water with a Naiad Nursing an infant. It is revealed that this child is the son of Zeuse and Metis. The child prophesied to overthrow him and the players have earned the position of Guardian as set down by the Holy Lady who created this haven.Players will be faced with agents of the gods seeking to destroy the child, take custody of the child, aid the players, manipulate the players, etc.
    Ending: The players successfully raise the child and trigger a divine war as Zeus and his loyal gods fight against these rebels possibly pulling other pantheons in on both sides if depending on player actions.
    Twist: The Holy Lady the naiad refers to is not Metis the lost Oceanid that Zeus ate after hearing Gaia's prophesy. She was a Mantle of Hera Seeding the fall of her own unfaithful husband. The modern view of Hera in regards to her Marraige to Zeus causing the Goddess to develop hidden resentment for her husband took the discovery of this child as an opportunity and hid him away on earth
    Problem: Some players may be frustrated with this Greek centric story or feel railroaded by this "Raising the next king of gods" storyline.
    Solutions: Make sure that other pantheons important to the players are aware of whats going on through their own agents and seek ways to leverage it to their own gains. Make sure the story leaves plenty of room for PC's to stay the main characters and encourage your players to find ways that their character might influence this child. Remember the child is just prophesied to take down Zeus that doesn't mean he is the main character

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  • wyrdhamster
    Third in the row? Based on Godzilla franchise...

    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    I watched lately newest Godzilla movie franchise ( from 2014 & 2019 ) and it get me, I think, good inspiration how Titanomachy book chronicle, as concept, can work in Scion. Warning, there can be spoilers to the mentioned movies ahead. I also point, clearly, that I do not posit to use Godzilla and other monsters as Titans in Scion – only as inspiration of global relations in-universe.

    In Godzilla franchise monsters, called Titans, are Earth’s natural immunity system, balancing ecosystem when other species are coming too much on world domination. In second movie ( from 2019 ) monsters are awoken literally to end humanity, so the Earth could return to it’s naturalistic state, with humanity limited but surviving. Of course, plans goes to haywire and humanity is on the brink of extinction.

    I could see the same Titanomachy chronicle where someone – God, Scion or anything – awoken powerful Titan to even scores, but quickly it takes over the original ‘trickster’. Or that Titans attacks in Scion are returning because of Climate Crisis humanity brought on themselves – and old spells binding Titans are loosening.

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  • wyrdhamster
    Next on I think about, based on Titanomachy book...

    Titanomachy ( Ragnarok? ) - Hero to God game
    Myth Level: Bronze
    Here is very Scion-ish Scion game. ( In 1E kind, I suppose. ) Players are typical Heroes of their Pantheons ( Aesir comes as main ones ) and they got involved in typical run-a-mug fight with titanspawn. Things quickly escalate, and we are just days before start of real Ragnarok. ( Or similar event. )
    Ending: Apocalypse has been stopped.
    Twist: ???
    Problem: Various Pantheons myths maybe too much to bear on this. Maybe better is to focus on only one Pantheon, like fixing on the Aesir?
    Inspirations: Clash of Titans series, God of War series - especially GoW 2018, about Norse mythology

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