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  • Titanomachy from Godzilla

    So I watched lately newest Godzilla movie franchise ( from 2014 & 2019 ) and it get me, I think, good inspiration how Titanomachy book chronicle, as concept, can work in Scion. Warning, there can be spoilers to the mentioned movies ahead. I also point, clearly, that I do not posit to use Godzilla and other monsters as Titans in Scion – only as inspiration of global relations in-universe.

    In Godzilla franchise monsters, called Titans, are Earth’s natural immunity system, balancing ecosystem when other species are coming too much on world domination. In second movie ( from 2019 ) monsters are awoken literally to end humanity, so the Earth could return to it’s naturalistic state, with humanity limited but surviving. Of course, plans goes to haywire and humanity is on the brink of extinction.

    I could see the same Titanomachy chronicle where someone – God, Scion or anything – awoken powerful Titan to even scores, but quickly it takes over the original ‘trickster’. Or that Titans attacks in Scion are returning because of Climate Crisis humanity brought on themselves – and old spells binding Titans are loosening.

    What do you think? It seems as good Titanomachy idea? Maybe you got some other inspirations from Godzilla franchise for Scion?

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    I think the idea may be interesting if explored properly. The only issue is we end up as heroes of industrialization and destroyers of the environment... but ok... defending humanity is still ok.

    You can make it slightly different and blame the awaking titans for the new climate changes, or at least put then as the ones orchestrating how humans are destroying the planet to give them powers from the resulting chaos (as they are the chaotic evil creatures in the dark, or something).

    By the way, the new movies are very interesting, both Godzilla and Skull Island are just awesome. They fit this Scion reach of demigods, white humans incapable of reaching their powers and only trying to feed Godzilla and point him to the right direction. On the other side of the spectrum of Kaiju we have Cloverfiled that is basically an interdimensional anthology that fits Trinity like a glove.

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      Consider that Namazu is perfect for a Godzilla homage: massively destructive, but it’s only dangerous because of the short-sighted decisions of others. It even canonically gives birth to Kaiju that wash up on the shores of Japan. Can you stop Namazu from destroying Japan and reinforce her jail cell, or can you find some way to free her without wiping Japan off the map?


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        King of Monsters is actually the third movie in the series; there was a King Kong between them that's supposed to take place in the same continuity.