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A Question or Questions regarding Legendary Titles

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  • A Question or Questions regarding Legendary Titles

    If i play a let say a kitsune, and have Endless mask from kitsune calling or Titanic stature from Monster (or both) and i have chosen Giant as a keyword and make a deed related to it.

    Let´s say a gain the Legendary title of Giant Kitsune.

    How would you rule it, when it comes to stuff like size or epic strength and stamina purviews when making use of your legenadry title without actually having those purviews?.
    and if i lose the Calling that gave me the keyword later in play and don´t have it if i invoke it is a lgendary title?

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    When you use your legendary title you just gain scale for that action, you don’t need to use any kind of power to simulate, it’s descriptive.

    In this case the character can become huge when doing that action. The issue is when the title can be used, I would limit it to physical power and durability situations, and just when being big would help. That’s basically how titles work, you must define when you can use the title according to the way you define the title.

    If you change callings your legendary titles must be changed, in this case losing the Giant keyword would mean the character must change the situations the character can use the titles and how you describe the use of the title, but the way the title work is basically the same, you gain scale.

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      Page Hero 191 with regards to Legendary Titles is what have me a bit confused as it have small part with Loki, saying that hes a parent of several monsters, and retains those dubious accomplishments among their Titles, but they haven’t been a Creator for centuries,"


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        When you reassign a Calling through Failure and Adoption Deeds, you don't lose any Titles. You just lose the ability to build more Titles off of the lost Calling. So, if you're The Titanic Vulpine, you'll stay The Titanic Vulpine even if you change away from the Calling(s) which gave you the Title. You just can't use the keywords from those Callings for any more Titles.