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  • Knack Questions

    I have a few questions about knacks:

    1) How I change active knacks? Is necessary a reflexive or simple action? Can I change then in any moment?

    2) How Knacks from Guide's Calling works? They occupy a character's knack slot? What happens to your knacks from Guide's Calling if you lost your Guide?

    3) Knacks from Relics or Guides are always active or need occupy a character's knack slot?


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    1) per the rules in the book a player can change their whole knack loadout at the beginning of a game session.
    Alternatively they can leave all knacks unequipped and only slot in the ones that become useful as the game happen (so long as the limit isnt busted)
    This is just houserule but you could allow switching knacks during the game at the cost of 1 momentum. Its what i did for my game and it worked pretty well.

    2) the books doesnt say anything but theybwould be considered like universal knacks and thus can be alotted in any calling.

    3) i think this is just scions bad tendency to reuse the same term to mean different things.
    Knacks in the context of relics are just an ability given by a relic and is unrelated to Callings knacks.

    Hope this helps

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      Relic and Guide Knacks are always active and if you lose access to the Guide then you lose access to the Guide Knack