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  • [2E] New Knacks

    Are there any rules or guidelines on creating of new Knacks? My player is asking if he can create his own for his death-related character.

    He want it too look something like that...

    Sent Fate/Death(?): Scions of Death can sense when 'it's time' for someone to pass the threshold and go to the Underworld. Some of those Scions are 'helping' their targets, to resolving their lives when it's their time.

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    Hey do you gotta make a new thread each time you have a new question? Wouldn't it be neater to add to a General Q&A Thread?

    As for the Knack, part of the thing is that most Knacks are associated with specific Callings. Heroic Knacks tend to be useful, but not especially flashy or fantastic. For things like "Add weapon tags to weapons" or "Do crafting projects without any tools".

    Now this power is akin to what Demigod calls Casual Miracles, little powers that Scions with Dominion of their Purviews can do just to show off but have little mechanical benefit.

    If this is related to the Death Purview at Hero tier, it would likely be some kind of Marvel. For something so small, I would recommend it be something like "Imbue Legend for a scene to get a sense of when someone is on the edge of death for the rest of the scene. This power can activate automatically for free on Trivial characters"

    If you want it to be a Knack, it arguably may tie in to Liminal?

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