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Is this a bug or a feature? (Mixed Action in Combat and Specialties)

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  • Is this a bug or a feature? (Mixed Action in Combat and Specialties)

    So one of my players discovered the joys of Mixed Actions during combat. Specifically he discovered that with Mixed Actions instead of a normal dry roll of Combat + Might it was suddenly a lot easier to include those different kind of Specialties, especially combat-specific Specialties, into the roll that had served less purpose before. If he baked in multiple actions into his attack roll such as tactical movement (Athletics), sneaky hit and run tactics (Subterfuge), screaming loudly like a crazed viking to intimidate (Leadership), striking at anatomical weak points (Medicine) or even knowledge skills to apply what he knows about those he is fighting. Granted, I did not allow all such Enhancements to go to causing damage but he got a lot of mileage out of doing various Complicate Stunts and other combat Stunts against enemies. He not only turned his character into a more effective fighter but also made each combat round more interesting, dynamic and cinematic.

    I really hope this is a feature of this system and not just me doing it wrong. If it is a feature... well, consider me an even bigger fan of this system than before!

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    I have no idea if it was intentional, but I've always seen it that way, and certainly felt it was a feature in the system


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      I'd say if your players and table are enjoying it and it's making the game more fun for you, it's a feature. I admit it's never occurred to me to use it like that, but I'd allow it.

      Disclaimer: In favor of fun and enjoyment, but may speak up to warn you that you're gonna step on a metaphorical land mine