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  • 1001 Scions – Character Ideas

    Did not seen similar topic – so starting this one. Thread idea is just to post various interesting scions characters ideas for general community to use. Also, if needed, too expand ones ideas more in the discussion. Each new entry should be counted with number, as we go to mythical ‘1001’. Hopes we get there in no time. 😎

    My proposed template for entries:
    <Number> - <Scion Main Concept> - ‘Scion of < Patron, Pantheon >’
    <More comment and expansion of main concept. >
    <Optional: Paths ideas >
    1. Fated Destroyer of World – Scion of Loki, Aesir
    In Sagas, there is forecast that Loki will destroy the World. They are parent of monsters. But the Beast that will destroy the Nine Realms, is yet to come. Or, it’s already here – born as human, in modern Earth, Beast is unaware of they fate. Will Destroyer really Destroy the World as we know it and start the Ragnarök?

    Origin: Chosen – Omens
    Role: Charismatic Leader?
    Pantheon - Aesir: Destroyer, Child of Loki

    Comment – I still have problem with Destroyer concept as character – I really have problem with pointing mortal side of character. Like what could Destroyer do before they awakening as Herold of End Times? 🤔

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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    Like what could Destroyer do before they awakening as Herold of End Times? 🤔
    Petty vandalism for a more direct interpretation, but they could destroy relationships through being a toxic friend, they could undermine people's plans and dreams, or errode people's faith in cultural/political institutions or even their faith in other gods. Of course how much of the blame they manage to shift, coming out looking squeaky clean is up to you.


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      How about a somewhat lost Incarnation of the Morrigan

      2. Nemain (Nem) Mac whatever (Suibhne) Scion of the Morrigan

      Ever since she was young she felt somewhat detached from her fellow Humans. Their ways were not hers and there morality was often nothing more than a nearly forgotten nursery rhyme to her. What she did understand were the ways of Battlefield. Not how to cleave skulls, to break bones or rend flesh. Altough she proved pretty adapt at breaking things. But how to inspire hate and fear, valour and desperation. How to not just survive but to thrive in the chaos that is a field filled with howls of rage and pain. She may not always leave the field unscathed but that matters little to her. For what is battle without violence and what is violence without pain. Born into a family with Hooligan tradition her fated course seemed to be one of arrests,bruises and rather sooner then later a long term hospital stay. But just as a coin flips many times before it decides a bet her path changed one night. After a long evening filled with cheap beer and the songs of her brother and his friends she found herself near a river in the company of an old hag. She wasnt sure how that meeting came to be but there she was with a can of booze in one hand and a piece of freshly washed linen in the other. Words were exchanged at first with caution on her part that she didnt even knew being capable of but then the Hag was rather strange intimidating even. But as minutes passed and her can of booze spilled its liquid down her throat this rare show of caution gave way to a strange familiarity and finally understanding. As she woke the next morning wet from the morning dew and somewhat pale from the cold the convesation was nothing more than a feverish midsummer dream induced by booze in her mind but the realisation that sprang from it remained. She was more than just Human. She was one of the aes sidhe. Or at least was one a long time ago.

      1. Daughter of the bloody football
      2. Rebel without cause
      3. Lost Sister of the Morrigan

      Role: Riot incitator

      Origin: Incarnation


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        I have vague ideas for a character with both Creator and Destroyer, as in destroying bad things and creating good things to take their place

        Anyways one idea I've developed and played a bit: 3: A Created of Atar made from a consecrated temple fire to protect the Zoroastrian people! Adarfiriz, Scion of Atar of the Yazata initially raised by the mobads who tended to the fire they were made from (and yes they are literally a humanoid fire, they always knew they were a Scion of Atar but never initially understand why they were made) then they received their Visitation where they were taught to protect the Zoroastrian community from persecution and Daeva. Sort of a classic friendly paladin who protects the weak from evil


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          4: Scion of Hera who is extremely religious... but not towards Theoi worship.
          Generally I imagine him as either Christian or Jewish, although I would have to research the latter religious group a bit more before committing to that one. He believes that the gods whose pantheons are portrayed in Scions are powerful, yes, but not divine nor worthy of worship. He goes around solving problems and doing Scion-y things because he believes that his God, through the imperfect tool that is a false goddess, gave him a gift that he will use to perform good deeds. Hera is torn between bragging about her accomplished and clever son and getting so mad at his blasphemy that she can't help but send the occasional smiting or monster his way.


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            5. King without Kingdom Scion of Gilgamesh (Annuna)

            More or less an incarnation of the mantle left behind by Gilgamesh. He walks the earth in search of Enkidu or someone worthy to take his place in order to recreate his legend. Just like the original Gilgamesh was before he met Enkidu he is overconfident and cares little for others. Even more so as he fails to find his friend. Even worse he has no Kingdom and only a handful of people hear and follow his orders. So he moves ever onward driven by the desire to find his friend and reclaim his Kingdom. And maybe just maybe he shall achieve the immortality that he was denied in his first live. But deep down he knows that in order to truly recreate his legend Enkidu needs to die and this his heart can hardly bear.

            2.King without Kingdom
            3.Harbinger of the Annuna

            Role: Lawless Quester

            Origin: Incarnation


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              6. Aidan Leborgne

              Aidan was born in a community of Ragnarok preppers. There he not ony learned winter outdoor survival skills but they also nurtured in him a near obsessive attention to omens and signs of prophecies.
              He developed an uncanny sensitivity to pattern and anomalies.

              Growing up he channeled this obsession into becoming a meteorologist and specialised in finding a pursuing strange weather patterns.

              Eventually he caught the eye of Odin (heh, get it???) who decided tp use his training to make him into his Seeker of Omens (first legendary title).

              Origin: Raised in a raganarok prepper community
              Path: (weird) Storm chaser meteorologist
              Pantheon: Seeker of Omens chosen of Odin

              Sage (inherited), Hunter, Liminal

              Fortune (inherited), sky (guide maybe), Journey (meteorologist supervan with 8 wheels called Sleipnir).

              Completed campaign: Scion 2nd Edition. Les Légendes Currently playing: Being a dad for a 3 year old daughter and a 2 years old son and now a beautiful new baby.