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What do Asset Skills Actually Do?

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  • What do Asset Skills Actually Do?

    Anything? Does the stunt only apply to those skills? My mind is fuzzy on it.

    Thank you in advance?

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    Asset skills are basically the two skills you must take as part of your Pantheon Path, as those skills represent skill particularly prized by that pantheon. AFAIK, there's nothing else special about them, but someone can correct me if I'm wrong

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      Should have clarified. In regards to Guides, what do they do?


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        Asset Skills are the skills that do things related to powers:
        - Asset skills of Callings are related to the Knacks
        - Asset skills of Purviews are related to the Booms and marvels
        - Asset skills of Guides, Relics, and other Birthrights are used when dealing with the powers (purviews, knacks or stunts) related to that birthright.

        Basically, instead of say “you can do this when testing Medicine”, they allow you to pick one Skill that represent how the source deal with the effect, for example, the power can cure the person with herbs, medicine or a surgery (Medicine) or can use spells (Occult), what ever fits better to the character morif.

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          Okie dokie. So its mostly related to the stunt then?


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            For a guide, yep. Those are the skills you can use for that stunt.


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              Thank you.


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                One other thing worth noting: most of the published Guide stunts, while they "trigger" when you use an asset skill and invoke the Guide, don't have to be applied right away: some are in the same scene, some are in the same session, some are the next time you are in an appropriate situation. So long as you use the asset skill at some point beforehand, you can save the stunt for when you need it.

                This is worth keeping in mind when you write your own Guides and want to figure out how to add a stunt.